Introducing Jesus to a practitioner of Qi gong

(from TR 3/01) The point of contact with the practitioner of qigong seems to be the understanding of the need to make things right in relationship with people and with the world. This is a common belief for Christians as well. There is a failure that we each experience in our relationships with others, with God and even within ourselves. We also abuse our relationship with the world in many ways. All of this would be recognized by the practitioner of qigong as something that needs correction and for which there is a need to balance with good. The point to focus on would seem to be that we are not able to right all relationships and to correct and pay for all errors but that there is one who would pay (and has paid) for it all for us already.

That is the one we want to share. That one is Jesus.

XN What is it when you do not feel your energy flowing freely?

QG That is when I have thought or done something that is not good.

XN What must you do about that?

QG I must make up for the wrong with good.

XN My religion teaches that as well. We must make up for what we do not do that is right. But I often feel like I cannot do enough good to make up for bad thoughts and deeds. Do you ever feel like you cannot do enough?

QG I must just keep working to do what is right. Someday when my qi flows completely freely then I will know that I have done enough.

XN In my religion there is one who has already done everything right and has done right for us in our place. Would you like to hear more about him?


For practitioners of qigong the focus is the directing of their inner energy and finding an inner peace. There is a consciousness of needing to make up for what has been done that is wrong. Directing the attention to one who promises inner peace and has already made up for all wrongs would be the most likely link.



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