The Global Church: materials to introduce Church History

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第一部 Sources of Denominations   教派来源
1. Church as  Family   教会为大家庭
2.  The Reformation   宗教改革活动
3. Differences in organization  教会组织不同
4. Independent Churches   独立教会

第二部 Contributions to the world   给全世的贡献
5.  literacy  读写能力
6. social welfare and education  社会福利于教育
7. social justice   社会㱏义
8. arts and science   艺术于科学

第三部 Expanding around the world  传扬到各地
9. within Roman empire   罗马帝国内
10. outside Roman empire   罗马帝国外
11.  Europe restored   欧洲被恢复
12. middle east  中东
13. Catholic missions  天主教徒传扬福音
14. Catholics in the far east  天主教在亚洲
15.  protestant missions   基督教徒传扬福音
16. protestants in Asia   基督教在亚洲
17. protestants in China  基督教在中国
18. Missionary models  宣教模范

第四部 The early church   早期教会
19. kingdom of God 神的国度|
20. Christian Life   基督徒生活方式
21. The Christian Message   基督教的消息
22. Jews and Jesus  信耶稣的犹太人
23. Adapting the Legacy  使用遗产
24. living among others’ faiths   生活在其他信仰其中
25. Church intellectuals 教会里的智力分子

第五部 Catholic Church in Europe   天主教在欧洲
26. Creating organizational structure    创制教会组织方法
27. Church Councils 大公会议
28. monks 修士
29. Augustine 奧古斯丁
30. worship service   崇拜仪式
31. church and state relations   教会于国家的关系
32. scholasticism   学习主义
33. need for reform   需要改革的原因

第六部 From Reformation to Today   从宗教改革到今天
34. Luther   路德
35. Zwingli  慈连理
36. Calvin   家爾文
37. pietism and Wesley   敬虔主义与卫斯理
38. The 1800’s   第十九世纪
39. liberals and evangelicals   自由派于福音派
40. today’s situation 今天的情况

 More Resources    参考资料:

中英表  Bilingual Index  —  英文词与中国字  (English terms with Chinese character meanings)

Teach yourself World history 学习世界历史 ( 英文)

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More about writing these lessons:
Deciding what to include was based on these factors:

1.Include facts that would be useful for those working with new believers.
2. Include topics that shed light on the situation of the church today
3. Don’t assume any previous knowledge of church history 
4. define all terms
5. Put most names in footnotes so that the reader can control the level of detail wanted.


1.The information is arranged by topic, but the reader is invited to record certain underlined sentences in chronological order, so that at the end, the reader will have created a chronological presentation.
2. Paragraphs are numbered so that the reader may use the paragraph numbers in the chronological record.
3. Chinese translations of many of the names and terms are included in footnotes and as a separate link 中英表  Bilingual Index

Development. First Edition of English text c Jim Found 2002.  Second edition of English text c Jim Found 2015 and put on website.

Thanks to everyone who is helping me translate and improve these materials.  I welcome suggestions for corrections and additions. Email to me (Jim) at

参考书籍 Bibliography  —  books consulted and cited