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I  Purposes:

A.Present Christ and Christian truths to grade school children.B  Involve congregation members of all ages in an outreach to neighborhood children.

II  Fair Attractions included:

A  Game Booths and Prizes

(see details of the following game booths)

1.  David and Goliath
2. Lost Sheep
3 . Fishers of Men
4.Fruit of the Spirit
5. Noah’s Ark
6. Sower and the Soils
7. New Life in Christ
8. Jesus, the Bridge
9.Jesus,the Vine
10. The Armor of God

B  Puppet Show
C  Movie – (we used Home Run for Rusty)
D  Live Animals from Bible Times (see details at bottom of this page)
E  Refreshments

III  Planning:

A    Need Sponsoring Organization or  Board
B    Chairperson
C  Planning Committee
IV  Attraction Chairmen (for each booth)

V  Financing

A.  Free Admission
B  need Donations

VI     Publicity

A Invitations
B   Media

VII. Follow-up


SHEEP Script: When Jesus lived in Israel, many people kept sheep to make warm clothes from their wool. People who took care of the sheep are called Shepherds. Jesus tells us in the Bible that He is like a good shepherd and we are likesheep.  Sheep need a shepherd to help them find good grass to eat and to protect them from danger (like from wild animals,or from getting lost). We need Jesus to show us the right way to live, to protect us, and to give us the strength to do what’s right.

DONKEY Script: In Jesus’ time, people used donkeys to ride on and to carry heavy loads (they didn’t have cars). Jesus’ mother, Mary, rode a donkey to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Jesus rode a donkey into the city of Jerusalem before his death on the cross.

ACTORS. People dressed as Daniel and a lion mingle through the crowd talking to children about how Daniel obeyed and trusted God.

DANIEL Script:My name is Daniel. I am a man who loves and obeys God. So when the King told everyone that they shouldonly pray to him, I knew I would obey God instead of a man.  I continued to pray to God, and when the King found out, hepunished me by throwing me into a den of lions (like this one here).  Everyone thought I would be eaten alive, but Godprotected me and didn’t allow the lions to hurt me. When the king found out, he believed in God, too.

LION. When Daniel, here, was thrown into my den, the other lions and I thought we were going to have a good meal. But God commanded us not to hurt Daniel.

Puppet Shows.

Explain why news about Jesus is Good News the best news!

This fair was adapted by Sue Found and presented in 1984

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