marke 13


Mark Chapter 13

Read 1 and 2 . The disciples thought the Temple was so strong that it could never end . But in AD 70 , the Romans destroyed the Temple .

Read 3 . The Mount of Olives was a hill near Jerusalem.

Read 4 . In the answer that follows, Jesus speaks both about things that will happen in AD 70 and about things that will happen before the end of the world. When Jesus spoke, these events were all in the future. Now the first event, A D 70 , is already past , and we are waiting for the end of the world . We must try to tell the difference between the things that are already happened and the ones which did not happen yet .

Read 5 and 6 . Throughout history, people have used the name of Jesus to teach things that are wrong. There are even churches that use Jesus” name but don’t teach about his plan to save us .

Read 7 and 8 . Here Jesus is not talking about the end of the world . He is talking about normal life. Our world is full of evil. There is no need to be surprised when evil things happen .

Read 9 . This prophecy came true in the experience of Paul. See Acts 4 : 3 to 8 .

Read 10 . We are getting close to the end, because now there are missionaries in almost every country .

Read 11 . This prophecy to come true in the experience of Peter . See Acts 4 : 3 to 8 .

Read 12 . This prophecy came true in Communist countries, where teachers asked children to tell whether their parents were Christian.

Read 13 . If we act like Jesus, people will treat us the same way they treated Jesus . See I Peter 2 : 20 – 21 .

Read 14 . Daniel wrote a book in the Old Testament. He wrote it before the Romans came to Israel. Daniel said that in the future, someone would put something in the Temple. See Daniel 11 : 31 . This was something that should not be there, something that disobeys God’s rules about the Temple. When prople see this thing, they should run away quickly and hide in the mountains. In fact, in 70 AD , the Romans did enter the Temple, where they were not supposed to be, and the Christians did run away , but many people who stayed in the city were killed .

Read 15 and 16 . These verses tell the Christians they must run away very fast so they will not be killed .

Read 17 . Now compare Luke 21 ; 20 – 23 to Mark 13 : 14 to 17 . Itis obvious that they are talking about the same event. The description in Luke proves that it will by a time when armies will come to Jerusalem . This happened in A D 70 .

Read 18 and 19 . These verses say that time will be very terrible, so the Christians will be motivated to run away faster.

Read 20 . This verse shows that God is in control of history. God is able to limit evil in order to help His people.

Read 21 and 22 . See II Timothy 2 : 18 for an example of how some people gave false reports that the end of the world had already arrived, Christ had already returned, and people had already had risen from the dead. Since then, many other people have thought that Christ has returned. Two examples : Rabbi Lubovitch, who died in New York a few years ago, and Rev. Moon, who lives in Korea and calls his wife ” The Holy Spirit “.

Read 23 . Jesus can foretell the future.

Read 24 and 25 . This is a quote from the Old Testament, Joel 2 : 31 and 3 : 15, talking about the end of the world ( not talking about A D 70 ) . This has not happened yet . Verse 24 clearly says that these things will happen ” after ” the things mentioned above.

Read 26 . This verse quotes Daniel : 13 – 15 . Remember that Jesus is the Son of Man ( as he said in Mark 2 : 10 ). This shows that at the end of the world, Jesus will return and rule forever .

Read 27 . More details about what Jesus will do at the end of the world are given in Matthew 25 : 31 – 46 .

Read 28 and 29 . Just like you know summer is near when the leaves begin to appear on trees, in the same way, you will know the end of the world is near when the sun becomes dark .

Read 30 . This verse has two meanings. 1) The people of Jesus” time will see the Romans destroy Jerusalem in 70 A D . 2) The same people that see the sun become dark will also see the end of the world .

Read 31 . The heaven and earth that will be destroyed means the present-time universe. After the end of the world, God will make a new universe, with no evil. See Revelation 21 : 1 .

Read 32 and 33 . Jesus did not know the time because he voluntarily put a limitation on himself when the end of the world will come. Asking this question is a waste of time.

Read 34 to 37 . Imagine a rich man commanding his servents : ” I am going away, so don’t let any thieves get in the house while I am gone . If I come back and find that you are not paying attention, I will punish you. ” Those servants will be very careful. In the same way, Jesus tells us to be very careful and to be ready. How to be ready ? Live as though the end of the world could come at any time . See I Peter 1 : 7 and II Peter 3 : 11 – 12 .

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