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Relating with local Christians and local church

From AB, 2004: Interview with MD and SD:

wherever you go or missionary goes there is church —  as soon as there are 2 or 3 gathered together in Christ’s name

sharing in worship w/ local Christians is high priority — whether you can understand w/ them or not, sit in the chair with them, experience the worship together,  greeting/meeting/drinking. See yourself as a 2 way ambassador.

Details of your calling will have an effect how you relate to a sister local church.

Quotes from the book Stepping Out, From chapter  “Trial by Team” by Dave Hicks:

–          “the number one problem in missionary work today is broken, strained relationships (page 97)”

–          when our relationships are strong, enormous resource are released to accomplish the work of God (97)”

–          “we must know the reality of allowing God’s love to cover our interaction with others (98)”


From chapter “No Longer Strangers” by Steven T. Hoke

–          “Many ministry opportunities are missed by short-termers because their attitude is that of ministering to, not ministering among or with (109).”

–          “Relationships of trust emerged as fear and ignorance were replaced by knowledge and empathy gained through nightly story telling and visits in each other’s homes (110).”

–          “Your information gathering will reveal some barriers.  Try to identify the most significant barriers (110).”

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