The Prodigal Kid   (a monolog)

Synopsis: a father muses as he receives a phone call about his son getting into trouble.
Cast: this is a monologue by the father

(Phone rings) You’ve got my credit card! What a relief!
Where did I leave it? It was in a stolen car?
I don’t understand. How could it have?
An identity theft gang?
You’ve arrested the car thief. That’s good news.
Oh. (disappointed) Yes, I know him.
Tony’s a friend of my son, I’m afraid.
No, my son is not living here right now. He left a week or so ago. I don’t have any idea where he is now.
No, I don’t know if he’s involved in this.
Press charges? Can you give me a little while to think about it.
Thanks. I’ll get back to you — soon.
(Hang up phone, turn toward audience)
Oh man. I hate to even think about how that credit card got into that stolen car. It’s one I don’t use very often and I thought for sure I’d misplaced it. I looked in my wallet, through my pockets, through my desk drawers at least a dozen times. Then I had all those visions of someone finding it and going on a shopping spree with it, but I hated to call and cancel it if I’d just forgotten where I put it. Come to think of it, I had wanted to use it to pay a bill a day or so after Denny left. That’s when I started looking for it.
That boy’s been nothing but trouble the last few years. He got in with the wrong crowd at school. One thing after another. He’s disgraced the family. Everyone at work read the newspaper article that time he was arrested for vandalism.
We haven’t really communicated for along time. It’s like there’s this wall between us. And it’s not that he doesn’t know right from wrong. He was even president of the junior high youth group at church. Seems like he started getting on the wrong track after he got his drivers license. Maybe I gave him too much freedom — haven’t been strict enough.
Well, I gave him freedom and now look what’s happened. Maybe it’s time to get tough. Give it to him straight, tell him we’ve had enough. I could change the locks on the doors and tell him he’s not welcome around here any more.
Hmm. Not welcome. Wait a minute. Do you remember the parable Jesus told about the father who did welcome his son home. His kid wasted his inheritance and probably got into all sorts of trouble, but when he came home the father was overjoyed. Threw a big party to celebrate. Do you think he considered changing the locks? No Way!
But I don’t think I could ever be like that father … unless …
(Praying) Oh God, forgive me for my lack of love, for wanting to hurt someone just because I’ve been hurt. Give me the kind of unconditional love that the father in the parable had — that you have for Denny — that you have for me. Show me your will in this situation. Give me the desire and the power to do the right thing.
(Phone ringing) Maybe that’s the police.
Hello. Is that you son?
Can you speak a little louder?
Yes, I’m so glad to know you’re OK.
The credit card. Yes, I know about it
It’s … it’s been found.
Yes, I know about Tony.
I know all about it, but I want you to come home.
It’s because I’ve already forgiven you … and I want to help.
Yes, I’m sure.
I know it’s late, but I can come and pick you up. Just give me the address.
(writes down address) I’ll find it. Give me about an hour.
Son, I love you. (Hangs up phone)
Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you! (Punches in phone number) Sergeant Peterson, I talked to you a little while ago.
Yes, I’ll pick up the credit card tomorrow.
And I’ve decided not to press charges. You see, I’ve been twice blessed tonight. I’ve found my credit card and better by far, I’ve found my son.

written by Sue Found in 2007

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