1. Benefits of Being a Christian


A. THE FIRST BENEFIT. Read Romans 5:1.

1. How does this verse describe the relationship between a Christian and God? (Scroll down to see answers, numbered  in window at left.)  (1) ______

    1. Read Colossians 1:21. Before someone believes in Jesus, what kind of relationship does that person have with God? (2) ______
    2. Read Col. 1:22. What did Jesus do to put us in a good relationship with God? (3) ______
    3. Read Col. 1:23, the first phrase. From the list below, select how to be accepted by God (4): __ love __ prayer __ reading the Bible __faith in Jesus __ good behavior

NOTE: Your good relationship to God depends only on faith in God. It does not depend on the other four items. Those other four items are results of your good relationship, but not the cause of your good relationship. Because you have a good relationship with God through faith in Jesus, therefore God will change your life, and so the other four items will appear in your life. For example, you will love more, you will want to do the right thing, you will find it natural to talk to God in prayer, and you will want to know God more deeply, so you will read the Bible. Because you rely on Jesus, you do not need to have doubts that your relationship with God is broken if you have failings in these four areas. When you fail, God does not leave you. God is still with you.

  1. If someone agrees with Jesus’ teachings, but does not rely on Jesus for a relationship to God, is that person a Christian? (5) _____

B. THE SECOND BENEFIT. Read Galatians 513. What has God given to us?

To understand the idea of freedom, look at the word list below, and select all the things from which Jesus sets us free

__fear of the future __fear of death __guilt

__poverty __control by Satan __accidents

__the power of sin __sadness __control by our feelings

__fear of ghosts __failure __Ignorance about God

NOTE Whenever you have fear, remember that Jesus has already made you free. Your feelings are not telling you the truth. You can fight your fear by trusting in Jesus. You can show your trust by thanking Jesus that He has already set you free.

The next verse helps to explain freedom. Read Romans 619-23.

1. List the things that God has made us free from

2. If you are not God’s slave, then you are a slave of ___________.

C. THE THIRD BENEFIT. According to Romans 623, what will happen to a Christian after death?

D. THE FOURTH BENEFIT. Read Colossians 113-14. According to verse 14, what is God’s response to our sins?

Read Romans 320. We can know what sin is through reading God’s ____________.


A. In the Old Testament. Over 3000 years ago, God gave the “Ten Commandments”.

First Commandment. In Exodus 203, God says, “You shall have no other gods before me.” (NIV)

1. If we let God’s rightful place in our life be taken over by anything except the God who made us, we must tell God, “I am sorry, please _______ me.”

2. What do people sometimes regard as higher than God?

Second Commandment. Exodus 207 says, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord you God.” If we speak about God in a foolish or disrespectful way, we must tell God, “I am sorry, … “.

Third Commandment. Exodus 208 says, “Remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy.” (The sabbath is Saturday.) God told the Jews not to work on Saturday, in order to honor Him. Since Jesus has come, every day is a day to find rest in God. But if we live our life in a way that does not honor God, we must tell God ” … “.

The first three commandments are about the relationship between God and people. The other seven are about relationships between people. These laws tell us in detail what it means to “love other people”. Exodus 20 continues (12) Honor your father and your mother … (13) You shall not murder (14) You shall not commit adultery ((15) You shall not steal (16) You shall not give false testimony (lie) … (17) You shall not covet (wish too much for what you don’t have). 

In the blanks below, write the verse number that tells us __ don’t be greedy __ don’t cheat __ respect others’ physical person  __ don’t lie __ don’t live as a married person with someone you’re not married to  __ respect others’ property __ respect your parents

B. In the New Testament. Because of God’s laws, we realize that we are sinners, and so we need a savior. In the following verses, Jesus explains more about God’s laws

1. Read Matthew 521-22. According to Jesus, sin is not only what you do, but also  includes what you ________.

2. Read 1 John 315. Sin is not only what you do, and not only what you say, but also what you _____________.

C. The problem of sin. Read 1 John 18-10 and 1 John 21-2.

1. How did Jesus solve the problem of our sin?

2. When we sin, what should we do?


c 1988, 1998 by Jim Found. Permission granted to photocopy, if not for profit

ANSWERS:   (1) Peace with God (Chinese version says “good relationship with God.”)     (2)  Far from God     (3) Died     (4) Faith in Jesus     (5) No: a Christian is one who relies on Jesus.     (6) Freedom     (7) All items can be checked     (8) Impurity, sin, shame, death     (9) sin     (10) eternal life     (11) Forgiveness of Sin     (12) Law     (13) Forgive     (14) Self, security, money,      social standing, etc.     (15) Please forgive me.     (16) Verse 17     (17) Verse 15     (18) Verse 13     (19) Verse 16     (20) Verse 14     (21) Verse 15     (22) Verse 12     (23) say     (24) think     (25) died for our sins on the cross     (26) confess our sins, and we will have forgiveness