Explaining Benefits of Christianity to a Buddhist

(from JocR 3/01) Similar to the way Christians view the Bible as God’s sole tool for humans, the Theravadan Buddhists view the Tripitaka as the main tool for teaching.  The Tripitaka isn’t given the same recognition with salvation as the Bible is, but is seen as an important Scripture.

The Tripitaka was only intended for monks, as they were the only ones able to achieve salvation.  One might bring up that in Christianity, the Bible was intended for all people as all people can have salvation.  This would lead to Jesus and His substitutive death being salvation for all.

Theravadan Buddhists may also view the moral teachings of the Tripitaka as ways to achieve good karma necessary for nirvana.  One can point out that there are also moral teachings in the Bible, but they are recognized as a result of the knowledge of salvation.  This could also move the conversation on to Jesus as the way to salvation.

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