Describing Benefits to a Qigong practitioner

(from TR 3/01) Practitioners of Qigong are endeavoring to enter into a state where Qi flows freely with the ultimate goal of uniting with the Tao. However, it might be possible to transition to considering what it means to be perfectly at peace. This would seem to parallel the concept of freely flowing Qi, nothing disturbing the peace.


 A conversation might be something like this

XN When you are practicing qigong what are you trying to do?

QG I am trying to free the flow of qi.

XN What stops you in that?

QG Whenever I am not at peace, when I have conflict or wrongdoing that must be corrected.

XN Then you are trying to find a way to be without trouble and conflict?

QG Yes, that is the goal.

XN I have been like that many times in my life, too. Sometimes it seems like everything is upset and I just can’t get things straightened out. But there is a way that we can have this peace and it isn’t something we have to do ourselves! May I share a little about that with you?

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