Century Pages

I make century pages by using a piece of ordinary lined 3-hold-punched paper. I make a vertical fold about one-third of the way from the left edge, so I have room to write titles, and then use the right hand part of the sheet for names of famous people. Before I write names, I draw as much as I already know about the century by copying it from my History on One Page paper. For example, if I were making a page about the 1300’s, I would write China on the bottom line of my left-hand column, and in the right-hand column write Yuan Dynasty, then a little past the center of the space draw a line representing 1368, and at the right of it write Ming Dynasty. One the next linen up, I would write Egypt, and in the right-hand space write Mamluk Dynasty. I would add as many other areas as I would like, or that are pertinent to the book I am reading. Here is an example on YouTube. Since you would not know in advance who the famous people are, you would look for places that make summaries of centuries. The Encyclopedia Americana has a separate article for each of the AD centuries, and the most prominent names of mentioned there. Wikipedia also has article about each century. You can pick up any almanac, (it doesn’t matter what year), and see if it has a section outlining the major events of world history. Once you have the most famous names in place, then you can add in other names when you read about that particular era.

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