Divine Plan

The Divine Plan is a gospel-sharing method created by Dr. Harry Wendt, the founder of Crossways International ministries. In this approach he uses 8 pictures to show humanity’s need and the answer provided by the cross of Christ.

Here is Dr. Wendt showing and explaining the Divine Plan:

This video shows how Dr. Wendt uses a round symbol for God, and uses arrows from people to God to show that mankind at first had a close relationship with God, but then uses turning arrows to show that people turned away from God and became self-centered.  He also shows bearing the punishment for peoples’ sins and bringing humankind back to the original close relationship to God.  You can order the Divine Plan pictures, with explanation of the back, for 50 cents at this weblink: http://www.crossways.org/index.cfm/category/76/the-divine-plan.cfm
You can get the Divine Plan as an app for your phone for free:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-divine-plan/id953569591?mt=8  Also at https://www.crossways.org/index.cfm/category/51/apps.cfm

Here is a list of all the courses offered by Crossways International:

Here is the ordering information for their Chinese translation of the Divine Plan.

This is the list of all their Chinese materials:

Here is an overall view of  resources available from Crossways:

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