Great but Near

God is both great and near.

ABOUT THE GREATNESS OF GOD. God as totally beyond our comprehension is indicated by the term  ________________  (see footnote 1), and is seen in these verses:

1. Read 1 Timothy 1:17. List the descriptions of God here. (God is ….) __, __, __

2. Read Exodus 33:18-20. Someone couldn’t live if they ___________________

3. Read Revelation 4:8. What word used to describe God here means “totally separate from evil?” _____.

4. Read Luke 5:1-8. What’s the natural human reaction to realizing the true nature of God? ________


ABOUT THE NEARNESS OF GOD. God as intimate with us is indicated by the term _______________(2), and is seen in these verses: 

1. Read 1 John 4:7-12. a. What word is used to describe the intimacy of God’s relationship with us? ________

b. God shows this relationship by going into action. What action is mentioned in verse 10? __________

c. Though we can’t see God, how can the reality of God be known according to verse 12? _____________

2. Read 1 John 5:3. We can also show love be action – what action? ____________

(1) Transcendent
(2) Immanent
Some religions emphasize the transcendence of God, seeing him as far away or difficult to approach.  Others emphasize immanence, the involvement of God in daily affairs.  Christianity emphasizes both.


PART ONE OF THE APOSTLES CREED.  As you read, look for words that relate to God’s greatness.

I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Which concepts in the creed answer the questions below:

1)  How limited is God’s power? ______

2)  Is matter eternal?  ______

3)  Which of the words is a “nearness” or “relationship” type word? _____

Note: The Apostle’s Creed was developed by Christians in the first few centuries as a way to sum up the Bible’s teachings about God.  There are three parts, one about God the Father, the second about God the Son, and the third about God the Holy Spirit.  Therefore we know that Christians recognized God as three-in-one from the earliest times.

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