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Relationships with Fellow Missionaries

  1. Ideas from AB, 2003
    -Keep in and practice good communication with fellow missionaries.

-Have a servant heart at all times.

-Spend some free time away from work with them.

-Try to understand where they are coming from when disagreements arise(Empathy).

-Be in the Word and prayer with them.

-The number one problem in missionary work today is broken, strained relationships(Stepping Out, 97).

-Because right relationships undergird all ministries, we must give highest priority to resolving relationship problems on a mission team(Stepping Out, 98).

-Let Love Cover, Seek Forgiveness, and Carefully Confront(for more info. On these see Stepping Out, 98-99).

-The other missionaries working with him from America…they spent time together, and avoided much conflict.  Not to many struggles amidst the missionaries(Jim Found).

-The relationships with the other missionaries was vital(Jim Found).

-Carve out time to get to know the subculture of missionaries living overseas(Stepping Out, 105).

-Look for natural breaks in your fellow missionaries schedules to ask questions, and listen to their oral histories of battles and victories.  Take advantage of their hospitality(SO, 106).

-Celebrate holidays with fellow missionaries(SO, 106).

-Serve and meet the needs of your fellow missionaries(SO, 106).

-Be a spiritual cheerleader to other missionaries(SO, 106).

-Having missionary families with the same values and goals is important to build one another up (Mrs C).

From MM, 2003
Take the initiative to go and ask for forgiveness when you make a mistake.  Always plan on the fact that at some point you will make a mistake.  Because or that it is best to have a strategy already planned out a basic outline if you will of how you will deal with asking forgiveness.  Remember that you wronged and so it is the other person that you will be seeking forgiveness from.

There is a Godly quality of relationships between our co-workers and us.  Plan on forming relationships with people.

If your brother sins against you resolve it between you two quietly w/o others and make it as easy as possible for them to admit wrong.  Don’t start off by accusing.

Plan on the fact that someone will wrong you at some point.  Have an idea of how to deal with the problem.  A basic outline of a strategy that can be adapted to most situations will be very helpful.

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