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Understanding Local World View

From AB, 2004:
I want to know what ways people have done this, and what has been helpful or harmful to them in the process.  Perhaps there are similar trends between similar cultures that could be studied.  I also wonder how it would help to expose myself to various cultures now, and how helpful that may be.

Interview with MD: Must note difference between Asian and American values, including differences between sexes, group orientation(us is individualistic, while asia is more group orientated.  Relationships in Korea: closeness (no extra space in Korea).

There is a concept of a deity above all other spirits: Chose the name of that deity for the name of God. Koreans have strongest Confucianism, communism, Buddhism, and Christianity in Asia An Old time missionary was asked by Bryan Gumble why Christianity flourished in Korea: and said it was because they are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

Interview with EB: always remember you’re a guest, be ready to change. You have to act as a guest, welcome their culture, be ready to change Language is key. Learn their language, you’lll want to give up, but it’s really really worth it

Interview with Jim F: Typically in Taiwan, husbands taught or made the income and wives stayed at home. Typically in Taiwan there were small houses and kids played on the streets. Many people also had barbeques on the streets. Everyone was very neighborly. Most people in Taiwan didn’t have an oven so baking was a good way to get to know people. Their life-style was very slow paced. There were a lot of rice fields. So naturally the people there ate a lot of stir-fry. Ancestor worship was the main religion in Taiwan.

Understanding Local World View  from interview with CB by Andrew in 2004: Biggest differences between American and Latin cultures: relationships and time.The biggest challenge was communication.  Also dress norms, lack of materials, and the idea that the American way of life is the best and only way. “To me–the most important thing is trying to see the “why” rather than the “what” of their happenings. “Why are they late? Because they saw a friend and talked with him for a bit.” Does that make me less important? NO!” 

What are the consequences of not understanding local world view?  “You will never be viewed as more than a tourist—just traveling through and not really belonging.”

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