lesson 5 — i


1) How to pronounce the dog called a “shih-tsu?” The answer is “Shr – dzuh,”  Here’s why:
The example was in Wade-Giles spelling — you can tell because pinyin spelling does not have an “ih.”
Shih corresponds to pinyin “shi,” which has a silent y and is pronounced “shr” or “sher.”
Tsu corresponds to pinyin “ze.” “Z” is pronounced “dz,” and e is pronounced like “uh.”

Here are more examples of point 5, about “iu:”
Liu is pronounced “lee-yo.”  Niu is pronounced “Nee-yo.”  Here’s why:
The “iu” combination is actually an abbreviation of the sounds “i” and “ou.” The “o” is taken out to form the abbreviation.
“I” sounds like “ee,” and “ou” sounds like English “oh.”

This page has these additions for your dictionary: tian an men — heavenly peace gate.
Xie-xie (pronounced see-yeh, see-yeh) means “thank you.”
The word “chi” (pronounced “chr”) means “eat.”  On your “combinations” page, add “chi fan,” “eat rice,” or “have a meal.”

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