Look up the verse; then answer the question and find the object.

1. Amos 2:9. God is able to destroy our enemies even though they are as high as (1) _____ and as strong as (2)_____. Find the largest leaf and the largest nut from (2).

2. Matthew 6:19-21. Do not store up treasures that can be consumed by (3)____ and rust. Instead store up treasures in heaven that can’t be destroyed. Catch a (3).

3. Matthew 19:24. Jesus used this animal (4)_______ and a metal object (5)________ to warn about the danger of riches. Find the longest (5) from a tree.

4. Exodus 8:8. Pharaoh told Moses he would let Israel leave Egypt if he would remove the swarm of (6)______. He lied. Catch
a (6) or it’s cousin.

5. I Peter 2:2. We should desire God’s Word as much as a (7) _____ desires (8)______. Find the leaf of a (8)-weed plant.

6. Matthew 7:20. You will know people by what their actions produce (by their (9)_____). Find the smallest sample of (9).

7. Job 27:18. Wicked men may gather riches and possessions for a short time. Their houses are like (10)_____ (11)_____, but their prosperity is short-lived. Capture a (10).

8. Genesis 3:18. God’s punishment of man includes (12)_____ and (13)_____. Find a sample of each.

9. Jonah 4:7. God used this animal (14)_____ to teach Jonah a lesson about compassion. Find a (14).

10. Psalm 91:4. Whoever goes to the Lord for safety and remains under His protection will be covered with his (15) . Find a (15)

11. Proverbs 6:6. Look at the (16)_____ you (17)____-gard. Observe her ways and be wise. Even though she doesn’t have anyone to boss her around, she works hard and provides for the future. Find a (16) and a (17).

12. Isaiah 40:8. The (18)______ withers and the flower fades; but the Word of the Lord stands forever. Find the largest example of (18) which is “gone to seed”.

13. Psalm 58:8. The Psalmist is asking that the wicked be like the (19)_____ which dissolves into slime. Find a (19).

14. I Corinthians 10:4. (20)_______ was the supernatural (21)
______ that gave water to the Israelites. Find a smooth white (21)

Sue Found 6/26/84

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