The Cure

Synopsis: Reporters and health organizations interview two researchers who have discovered the cure for the biggest disease of mankind.

Cast: Reporter A, Reporter B, Cameraman, Cue card holder, Researcher CQ, Researcher JO, Cancer Society Rep., Heart Disease Rep., AIDS Rep. (you can put different names in to correspond to your actors)

Reporter A: It’s Sunday December 31 and reports from around the globe reveal a definite decline ….

Reporter B: This is your on the spot reporter Sarah Harah interrupting our regularly scheduled program with a breaking news report. We all know that finding cures for disease consumes billions of hours and dollars each year. At this very moment we are here to announce a breakthrough cure for the MOST widespread, the MOST toxic, and the MOST lethal disease known to mankind.

Anxiously awaiting this news are representatives from the American Cancer Society, the Heart Disease Foundation and the AIDS Research Foundation.
(Each stand and bow as he/she is introduced)

And now it is my privilege to introduce our bipartisan committee of disease researchers who will share with you, our IBS listeners, the breakthrough of the millennium. (Fanfare)
Doctor Caspar quakenhiemer and His associate Doctor Jaspar Olingheimer.
(Applause card held up for congregation)

ACS: Is it a cure for cancer?

CQ: The disease is like a cancer because it spreads throughout the whole body.

HDF: Does it affect the heart?

JO: Yes, it is a type of heart disease.

ARF: Does it affect the immune system?

CQ: It breaks down ones resistance, strips away any natural immunity.

JO: What you’ve mentioned are diseases the affect large numbers of our population, but the disease, for which we have found a cure, infects not 20, not 50, not even 70% but 100% of the earth’s population!

CQ: Believe it or not we have uncovered an ancient document that reveals a formula which effectively eradicates the disease.

JO: We have just completed years of testing the formula and proven it to be 100% effective.

ACS: Exactly what are the symptoms of this disease?

CQ: There are both internal and external symptoms. Some internal symptoms are disorientation, guilt, shame, and hopelessness.

JO: And externally we often observe greed, hated, chemical addiction, family breakup and occasionally all out war.

CQ: Unfortunately the disease is always fatal.

HDF: Have you given this disease a name?

CQ: The ancient manuscript calls the disease S I N. Technically it is the breakdown in the relationship between homo sapiens and their creator.

JO: And exactly what is the cure that you have discovered?

CQ: The cure simply requires a transfusion. The blood of the creator’s son is the only chemical that can destroy the deadly effects of the infection permanently.

JO: And don’t forget that while surgery, drug and radiation treatments may prolong life, the cure for S I N insures eternal life.

ACS: But what about side effects?

CQ: I’m glad you asked about that. There definitely are side effects, but not the negative side effects that are common to most disease treatments.

JO: The side effects of a restored relationship between creator and createe are a supernatural love, joy, and peace that cannot be explained on a physical basis.

Reporter B: This certainly good news, wonderful, fantastic, earth shaking news! We have to let everyone know!

CQ: Yes, the future of our planet depends on it. Please, everyone of you who has heard this announcement, spread the Good News!

Reporter A: The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

written by Sue Found 2007

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