NARRATOR: What do people want out of life? What is a satisfying life? What makes life exciting or pleasant? And, most importantly, if our life is not like that, when does such living begin? When? Each person may have a different idea, a different answer. For example let’s ask this young child. “Good morning.”

YOUNG CHILD: Good morning.

NARRATOR: How old are you?

YOUNG CHILD: Two and a half.

NARRATOR: You are very young, your life has just begun. Tell me, when do you feel life will begin to be exciting, pleasant, and satisfying?

YOUNG CHILD: My mother says when I’m older I can go to school. She says school will be fun.

NARRATOR: OK, I understand. Thank you. Here comes a student now. Good morning! What grade are you in?

ELEMENTARY STUDENT: I’m in fourth grade.

NARRATOR: As a fourth grader do you feel your life is at a point when it is exciting, pleasant, and satisfying?
NARRATOR: When do you expect your life to become exciting and pleasant?

ELEMENTARY STUDENT: When I go to high school my life will be much more interesting…because in high school I’m going to begin chasing girls, that will be exciting.
NARRATOR: I’m sure you’re right about that! Thanks, bye. Well then let’s find a high school student. (High Schooler walks out arm in arm with a girl) That must be a high school student over “there.” (The girl leaves and blows a kiss to the boy) Finally I have found someone who, is living a satisfying,, pleasant, and certainly very exciting life. So, do you agree that high school is the beginning of the good life?
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT: Its not bad. But it really only looks good on the outside.
NARRATOR: What do you mean?
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT: I mean there are fun things to do, laughing and joking…but inside is full of worries, and doubts.. .like what will I do in the future, will I find a good wife, will my parents bother me, will I have enough money…and then there is all the homework and tests…

NARRATOR: Well, I see being a high school student is no party. But you are a high school student only three years. When do you think life will begin to become satisfying, exciting, and pleasant?

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT: When I get to college, then all my worries will be over and everything will be great! (a girl walks by) Got to go. Hey, haven’t we met before…

NARRATOR: So, the good life seems to begin in college (a young person hurriedly, comes out looking at watch and bumps into Narrator) You’re certainly in a hurry!

COLLEGE STUDENT: Yes, I am, I’m late for class, I’m sorry.

NARRATOR: Tell me, you are a college student, right?

COLLEGE STUDENT: That’s right.

NARRATOR: May I ask you a question? It seems that manv high school students believe that a satisfying, exciting, and pleasant life begins in college…would you agree?

COLLEGE STUDENT: Certainly not! College is only a stepping stone to the good- life. Life is only satisfying when: you get out into the working world and start making a lot of money… Sorry, I got to go…

NARRATOR: Making money. Yes, that must certainly be the key to a satisfying, exciting, and pleasant life. I’d like to know for sure. Perhaps this doctor can help me out. Good morning Doctor.
DOCTOR: Good morning, and what is your problem. Yes, I see, how long have you had this, well here take one of these, three times a day after each meal. If it’s no better give me a call.

NARRATOR: Thanks a lot, but I really have another problem I’d like to ask you about.

DOCTOR: Oh — I’m sorry — do you think you have AIDS?

NARRATOR: No, it’s nothing like that, I just want; to ask you a question.
DOCTOR: Well hurry it up, I’m a busy man.

NARRATOR: Obviously you are a successful doctor. I think many of our students here today would love to be in your place. Have you found that your life is satisfying, exciting, and pleasant?

DOCTOR: Are you feverish? Life is too complicated to be pleasant. Everyday is the same, nothing satisfying or exciting about that, there’s never time to do the things I want to do.

NARRATOR: Well, then, when will life become exciting, satisfying, and pleasant for you?

DOCTOR: In a few years I’m going to retire. Then I’ll do all those things I always wanted to do. That’s when the good life will begin.

NARRATOR: Yes. Thank you for your time.
DOCTOR: Don’t mention it. That’ll be 50 dollars.
NARRATOR: (Ignoring the request for money) That’s it — I should have thought of it before. Retire­ment after a life of hard work is the only time there is when you have the time and money to really have a full and satisfying, exciting and pleasant life.

ELDERLY WOMAN: Hello there young man.
NARRATOR: Hello. May I ask you a question?
ELDERLY WOMAN: Certainly, I’m in no hurry.
NARRATOR: Are you retired?
ELDERLY WOMAN: Yes I am. I worked 50 years, the best years of my life.
NARRATOR: You mean these years of retirement are not the best years of your life?

ELDERLY WOMAN: Can’t you see that I’m old? Being old is not a 1ot of fun. What do I to do all day? Just watch TV and look out of the window. I got no one, kids are all grown up and moved away.

NARRATOR: But then when will a satisfying, exciting, and pleasant life begin for you?

ELDERLY WOMAN: Look young man. I’ve lived a lot of years. I don’t know of any satisfying, exciting, pleasant life. As far as I know there is no such thing, certainly not for me… I might die at any time (she walks off, but we hear her fall and die. The doctor rushes over).
NARRATOR: (Sits down shaking his head) No good life? No pleasure? (in the background the woman’s lifeless body is carried by stretcher across stage) No excitement? No meaning? What is life for?

CHRISTIAN: Hey what’s the matter?

NARRATOR: I’ve been trying to find out the answer to a very important question. But it seems there is no answer in this life.

CHRISTIAN: What is the question?

NARRATOR: When does a satisfying, exciting, pleasant life begin?

CHRISTIAN: It begins today! And everyday when you wake up and know that God is with you, and he cares about you…that he knows every worry you have, and that you can trust him for everything. With Jesus everyday is satisfying, exciting, and pleasant.

NARRATOR: You have that kind of life? Can you tell me more.

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