Now is the Time

Scene: Doctors office, desk.
Characters: Doctor, wearing lab coat, Patient, Patients wife. (Dr. is examining patient, who is coughing, sneezing, and exhibiting telltale signs of a bad cold. Wife is standing to the side).

Dr. – (Writing on a chart) Low grade fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, dizziness, cough. Looks like you have a classic case of the flu, Joel.
Joel – I feel terrible. I’ve already missed three days of work.
Dr. – Well, I’ll give you a prescription for some medicine. (Scribbles on a pad of paper and gives it to Joel)
Wife – When should Joel take the medicine, Doctor?
Dr. – The pharmacist put the directions on the label. Then, (Smiling at Joel) let me see. You’re not that sick. How about starting the medicine in a month.
Joel and Wife – In a month!
Dr. – Yes, why not? Is that too soon?

Joel – Too soon! I may be dead by then!

Dr. – That’s true, but remember you really aren’t that bad yet. I checked your lungs. You don’t have pneumonia – yet. But, maybe you had better begin taking the medicine in a week.
Joel – A week! You mean I have to go on like this for another week. I want to get over this and get back to work.
Dr. – I can see your point, Joel. But you will have the medicine in your house. It will keep in the refrigerator. And if you feel yourself getting worse you can take some. You could even start tomorrow, if you feel like it.
Joel – But Doc, what’s wrong with today. If the medicine is good for what’s wrong with me, why put it off? I don’t understand.
Dr. – Of course, start taking it today. (Laughs) I’m glad to see that you realize how foolish it is to put off taking the medicine. But Joel, aren’t you being just as foolish w”hen you put off taking the medicine which God , the Great Physician, has provided for your sin-sick soul?

Joel – I never thought of it that way.

Dr. – You’ve listened when I’ve told you about the need for salvation, but you have always postponed taking the remedy. For years you have turned away from the Lord Jesus.

Joel – That’s true.
Dr. – You have said, “next week” or “next year” or “when I’m older”. But like you just said, now is the only time we’re sure of. And besides, why settle for the old life when you could have the new life that Jesus has promised those who trust in Him.
Joel – Thanks for making me see how foolish it’s been of me to put off something so important. You offered me a Bible one time, Doc…
Dr. – Yes, and I still have one here for you, Joel. (Hands Joel a Bible ) Do you have time to get together for a little while tonight?
Joel – You could come over about 7:30?
Dr. – I’ll be there.

written by Sue Found, 1995, permission granted to use

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