True or False

Where there are brackets, substitute another activity that is meaningful in your culture)Two students meet outside classroom.
1) How did you do on that test last period?
2) I did fine on most of it but I had trouble with the true and false questions.

1) Really, why?
2) Well, you know a statement can be mostly true, but if one little word is wrong, the whole thing is false. It’s pretty tricky – hard to tell for sure.

1) I know what you mean.

2} Well, school is over for another week.

1) But don’t forget monthly tests are next week. What are you going to do this weekend?
2) See this sore I have on my leg. I’ve had it for two weeks and it won’t heal. My neighbor said if I [make an offering to a god in the temple it will heal. So now I’m going to the temple.]

1) What about tonight?

2) Tonight I’m going [to an MTV place with my cousin.] But don’t mention this to my parents. They think we are going to study together. My cousin told me I should tell them that. Otherwise they wouldn’t let me go to the movie and I’d never get to have any fun.

1) Are you going to study tomorrow? j

2) Tomorrow afternoon I am going to my classmate’s house. He found some old tests that were given last year. I’ll just study those.
1) But isn’t that cheating?
2) My classmate said that’s the only way to make sure you get good grades.«

1) It seems like you have been taking advice from a lot of people – your neighbor, your cousin, your classmate. How do you know that what they have told you is true?
2} What do you mean?

1) Well, your neighbor told you to go to [the temple for healing], but a western doctor would tell you that it is an infection, and you would need an anti-biotic to stop it. In civics class we were taught not to lie to our parents or cheat. Is that true or is what your cousin and your classmate say true. It’s like a real life true and false test, isn’t it?

2) How can anyone know for sure what the truth is? Anyway, what may be true for one person might not be true for another, right?

1) I guess I used to think that way. But now I can’t agree with you.

2) So now you think you know the truth about everything I suppose. It probably has something to do with going to those Christian meetings after school – something to do with that Jesus they talk about all the time.

1) That’s right. Jesus did say that He came to reveal the truth. And from what I’ve heard and read about Him, I believe it.

2) I have noticed something different about you lately. I remember last year you used to be so moody. It seems like you your life is better this year. But look, I don’t think I’m ready for all this truth business right now. Maybe later.

1) And what happens when you flunk a true and false test – when a person is tricked into believing a lie?
2) Well, I guess you lose out, maybe you get cheated or get hurt. It might make you feel foolish, not to have known better.

1) Those are some of the things that could happen to you this weekend. If you are believing lies your leg could develop a serious infection, you could lose face with your parents if they find out about the movie and you could do poorly on your monthly tests. You’re taking a big risk. You’ve got a lot to lose. Would you be willing to have lunch with me and at least let me tell you what I’ve found out about distinguishing truth from lies.
2) OK, I will. I am really hungry anyway.

1) (at lunch table) Did you know that the first part of this book called the Bible was written over 3000 ears ago. It tells about how God made the earth and everything in it. When He made the first man and woman they were in perfect relationship with God. He put them in a beautiful garden and they were very happy. He told them …[Change to scene of the garden of Eden] :

GOD: You may eat from any tree in the garden except one, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you eat from it you will surely die. (Gen.2:16-17)
DEVIL: (speaking to Eve) Is it really true that you shall not eat from any tree of the garden?
EVE: God said we could eat from any tree except this one. He said if we ate from it we would die.
DEVIL: You surely shall not die! God knows when you eat from it your eyes will-be opened and you will be like God.
EVE: The fruit is so beautiful. It looks delicious.
DEVIL: And it will make you wise.
2) Because Adam and Eve believed that lie and disobeyed God, the God relationship between man and God was broken. Most of Adam and Eve’s descendants continued to exchange the truth of God for a lie. Instead of worshiping and serving the true God they worshiped and served things that God had created. (Romans 1:25)

2) Like what? ,

1) Like the sun and the moon, volcanoes, animals, even other people like kings or famous people who had died. Through the years people divided into groups and spread over all the earth and wherever they went the devil was there with a special lie just for them.

[At this point, act out some scenes from history which show the basic lies that cause people to reject God’s truth in Africa, India, Americas, Europe, Asia, and today’s culture. Act out the worship of false gods and false ideas and show how they result in selfishness, greed, hatred, violence, war, death and destruction.)
1) God could have just said, “You have chosen to believe the devils lies. See what a mess your world is in. Everyone will go with the devil into eternal
punishment because of your evil ways.” But God still loves the people He created and has a plan to save them. The only way He could do that was to send His only Son into the world as a man tc proclaim the truth and to take the punishment that everyone deserves.
[Change to a scene showing Jesus teaching, healing, and casting out demons. Show how people are amazed at His wisdom and power) (John 7:15-18)
BYSTANDER: How has this man become so wise? He has never been educated.
JESUS: My teaching is not Mine, but God’s. It is God who sent Me. Those who speak their own ideas are looking for praise from others, but I am speaking God’s wisdom. He is the one to be praised. He alone is true. He alone is perfect in every way. If you want to come to Him, I am the way. No one can come to God except through Me. If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

BYSTANDERS: But we are Jews. We are no one’s slave. What do you mean when you say “you shall be free”?
JESUS Everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin, but if I, God’s Son, set you free, you will be free indeed.
(The Bystanders grab Jesus and take Him to the cross. The devil rejoices. Jesus is buried. Then He rises from the dead. The devil is defeated.)
1) Jesus’ followers then went throughout the world as they still do today, proclaiming the truth about God, His love for us, and the chance to be set free by the living Jesus. But still many chose to believe the lies of the devil.
[Now have some people act out examples of reasons people reject the truth – for example:
Pride-people don’t want to admit they have been wrong or that they are weak and need a savior.
Rebellion-people don’t want to change, or they want to be in charge of their own life instead of letting God be in charge
Fear of Man -people are afraid of what their family or friends might say or do if they follow the truth.)
1) It is sad to see how so many reject the truth, but those who do believe it,admit they have done wrong and need Jesus as their Savior, then they receive His forgiveness, and get strength to resist the devil. They are set free. Through God’s Word they discover the truth and are shown the devil’s lies. Sometimes they still fall into their old ways and listen to the devil, but when they realize this they just confess it to God and receive His forgiveness. They begin to grow closer to Jesus and experience the love, joy, and peace that He
gives. They still go through some difficult times, but always know that Jesus has promised to be there with them.
2) So you think that if I get involved in the Christian religion …
1) You mean “If you have a relationship with Jesus …”

2) …that I’ll be able to do a better job of distinguishing between what’s true and whaf’s false.

1) It has made things a lot clearer for me.
2) What about my sore?

1) God says here in the Bible that He is the one and only God, and that we shouldn’t worship any false gods.
2) Can He heal my sore?

1) Yes he can perform miracles, but He has also given knowledge to doctors to do things like that.

2) And the movie tonight?

1) Look here in the Bible. In this place, God talks about being obedient to parents, and in this place, God tells us not to lie.

2) And I guess cheating is kind of like being disobedient and lying, isn’t it? It’s like getting something you don’t deserve.

1) Listen, I don’t want to keep you from having fun, but there are other ways to have fun. I really don’t want you to be tricked into believing something that’s not true.

2) I believe that you really do care about me. If what you told me is true…

1) Then you might want to go to the Tuesday night small group that’s for people who are interested in Christianity. It meets at (time).

2) (taking pencil and paper) OK, that’s at (time)

END   © Sue Found 1995

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