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這些論題在下面可以找到: You can find these topics below:

一.聖,經,這兩個字的意思。 The meanings of “sheng” and “jing.”

二.聖經的組織。 How the Bible is organized.

三.聖經的重點。 The main point of the Bible.

四.聖經的目的。 The purpose of the Bible,

五.聖經的內容。 The content of the Bible.

六.怎麼利用聖經。 How to use the Bible.

七.怎麼找到聖經。 How to get a Bible.

八.讀聖經的效果。 The results of reading the Bible

九。舊約細節 Details of the Old Testament.

十。新約細節 Details of the New Testament.


1. “經”在中文裡代表一有特殊價值的古典書,像中文的“五經。”

2. “聖”就是“聖潔,”表示跟宗教有關。在聖經裡,“聖潔”有“原理罪惡”的意思。聖經所介紹的神是一位聖潔的神,所以用“聖”代表這本書很適合。

3.英文比較:“聖經”是英文“HolyBible” 的翻譯。 Holy的意思是“聖潔”,Bible的意思是“書。”


I. The meaning of the two words “sheng” and “jing.”
1. “jing” in Chinese stands for a book that is a classic of special value, like the “five classics” of Chinese.

2. “Sheng” means “holy,” and indicates a relation to religion. In the Bible, “holy” means “far from evil”. The God introduced by the Bible is a holy God, so using holy to indicate his book is very suitable.

3. Comparison to English. “Sheng Jing” is the translation of the English “Holy Bible.” Holy means “holy,” and Bible means “book.”4. In the Bible, “shen,”“Shang Di,” and “Jehovah” all refer to the same God, the one who created everything.)


1.其實聖經不只是一本書,而是66 本書集合在一起。這些書雖然寫在不一樣的時間(自從公元前1000多年開始,直到公元後第一世紀),但是這66本的內容相當相似的。都強調神的慈愛。


II. The organization of the Bible
1. Actually the Bible is not just one book, but is a collection of 66 books. Even though these books were written over a long period of time (from more that 1000 years BC up to the first century AD), yet the content of these 66 books is quite similar. They all emphasize God’s love.

2. The books of the Bible can be divided into two groups. The first half is called “Old Testament,” and is the history of the Jewish people; the second half is called “New Testament,” and includes the life of Jesus and materials written by his followers.
3.In the Bible, Jewish people are also called “Israelites” and “Hebrews.”

三 ,聖經的重點:



a. 啟示神的本性給人們知道;

b. 被釘在十字架的時候,代表人,受到人因違背神必須受的懲罰。



III.  The main point of the Bible
1. The Bible tells us clearly that although people disobeyed the will of the holy God, experiencing neediness and lostness, yet people can have a close relationship with God, because Jesus sacrificed his life for them, forgiving their wrongs.

2. According to Bible teaching, Jesus is God, becoming man in the first century, coming down to earth, for these two reasons:

a. Ho reveal God’s nature so we could know Him.

b. He took mankind’s place when he was nailed to the cross, receiving the punishment that people ought to have received.

3. The Bible uses the word “sin” to represent man’s rebellious attitude and behavior against God. Jesus forgave mankind’s  sin on the cross.

4.  After three days he rose from the dead, showing that his mission was completed and successful, and also revealing that he is the source of life, able to give us abundant and eternal life. God takes away our guilt, shame, and regret, and gives our daily life meaning and strength.



1. “基督”這兩個字是從希臘文而來的,有“世界的王”的意思。 (有時候你會看到“彌賽亞,” 此字是從希伯來文萊的,意思一樣)。耶穌是世界的國王。

2.當猶太人以”神的兒子“解釋,他們的意思是”那個人就是神。“ 耶穌是王也是神。

3. “因他的名”的意思為“ 因他的力量和權利”。舉個例子,若一位警察要你停下來,他不是以他自己的權利而是按此城市的法律命令你,若你不在乎他,你必鬚麵對全城市的權利。相同的,我們跟神的好關係不是憑著我們自己的權利,而是靠耶穌的權利。

4. “得生命“代表聖經的目的是要人們因信耶穌就可以得豐盛的生命。

IV. The Purpose of the Bible is to encourage people to have faith.

The Bible says “I have written these things to you, so you can believe that Jesus is the Christ, God’s Son, so that because of your faith, you can receive life in his name.” (recorded in the gospel of John in the Bible, chapter 20 verse 31). Here John reveals the meaning of the book he has written, but I feel that this purpose is the same as that of the entire Bible. The explanation of this verse is below:

1. The two characters forming “Christ” are from the Greek language, and have the meaning of “King of the world.” (Sometimes you will see the word “Messiah.” This word is from Hebrew language and has the same meaning.)  Jesus is the King of the World.

2. When Jewish people explain the term “God’s Son,” their meaning is “the person is actually God.” Jesus is both King and God.

3. The meaning of “in his name” is “through His strength and power.” For example, if a policeman wants you to stop, he does not command this on his own authority, but on the authority of the laws of the city. If you ignore him, you must face the authority of the entire city. In the same way, our good relationship with God does not depend on our own authority, but depends of Jesus’ authority.

4. “having life” indicates that the Bible’s purpose is that through faith in Jesus people can have abundant life.


V. The content of the Bible. The Bible does not only record the life of Jesus and his influence on his disciples (followers), it also includes the background and significance of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus came down to earth about 2000 years ago, being born to a Hebrew (Jewish) family in the middle east; During the preceding 2000 years, God had prepared the Jewish people, so they would be able to understand the significance of Jesus. This long period of preparation is recorded in the first part of the Bible (Old Testament), and so afterward, according to the revelations of the Old Testament, we are able to understand the second part (New Testament) more thoroughly. See a summary of each Bible book.


1. 聖經的66本書都有縮寫的方法,利用為表示引用的來源。例:聖經的第一本叫“創世紀,“縮寫是”創.” 新約聖經的第四本叫“約翰福音,”縮寫是“約。” 看66本的縮寫

2. 每一本書分為好幾個章(英文chapter),用大寫代表,和每一章分為好幾個節(英文verse),用小寫代表。例如約3:16的意思是“約翰福音第三章第十六節”。 (因為原來的聖經書都是分開的,寫在羊皮上,捲起來,有時候人說“卷”代替“本”。)


1. 聖經的66本書都有縮寫的方法,利用為表示引用的來源。例:聖經的第一本叫“創世紀,“縮寫是”創.” 新約聖經的第四本叫“約翰福音,”縮寫是“約。” 看66本的縮寫

2. 每一本書分為好幾個章(英文chapter),用大寫代表,和每一章分為好幾個節(英文verse),用小寫代表。例如約3:16的意思是“約翰福音第三章第十六節”。 (因為原來的聖經書都是分開的,寫在羊皮上,捲起來,有時候人說“卷”代替“本”。)

VI. How to use the Bible.

1. The 66 books in the Bible each have an abbreviation, to show the source of quotations.  Example: The first book in the Bible is called Genesis, and the abbreviation is “Gn.” The fourth book in the Bible’s new testament is called “the Gospel according of John,” and the abbreviation is “Jn.” See the abbreviations of all 66 books.

2.  Each book is divided into several chapters, shown by large numbers, and each chapter is divided into several verses, shown by small numbers. For example, John 3:16 means “the Gospel according to John, the third chapter, the 16th verse.”  (Because the original Bible books were separate, written on sheep skins and rolled up, sometimes people say “scrolls”in place of “books.”

七.怎麼找到聖經。若你沒有聖經書,可以在網路找? 在右邊的空格,打箭頭,中文譯本在最下面。 (我建議你選出CUVMPT (這個是最平常用的中文和合本聖經)。 接下來,在左邊邊的空格,打進你要找的書名,然後打Enter.

你也可以用youversion的 app 加上你的手機— 是免費的。

VII. How to find a Bible. If you don’t have a Bible in book form, you can click on In the box at the right, click the arrow, scroll down to the end of the list, and select a Chinese Bible. I recommend CUVMPT (that is the Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation Traditional.) Then in the empty box at the left, write the name of a book of the Bible. Then press “enter.”

You can also get the youversion app for your mobile phone.

八.讀聖經的效果。聖經是一本可幫你認識神的書,是跟隨耶穌人的基礎和標準。聖經啟示神的本性和他如何跟我們產生和睦的關係,成為他家庭的一分子。聖經指示信靠耶穌的人如何一天比一天領受神的力量和恩典。希望你通過 此小的简介也會領受豐盛的生命。

VIII. The results of reading the Bible. The Bible is a book that can help you know God, and is the basis and standard for those who follow Jesus. The Bible reveals God’s character and how he formed a restored relationship with us, turning us into members of His family. The Bible points out that those who trust in Jesus day by day receive strength and grace. I hope through this short introduction you also will receive abundant life.

九。舊約細節      Details of the Old Testament.

十。 新約細節     Details of the New Testament.

十一。聖經書的組織和 縮寫organization and abbreviations of Bible Books

十二。每一本書的總結  summary of each Bible Book

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