A Simple Introduction to the Bible  

Survey the whole Bible in four minutes  英中

Take a survey  course, Bible103

What the Bible says about the value of faith in Jesus

Concepts in the Bible:

The Bible as a whole shows God,
out of love for all people, carrying out His plan
to bring the human race back into a close relationship with Himself.

The Bible has these two parts:

The Old Testament shows how,
in the centuries before the birth of Jesus,
God chose a certain people group to begin this plan
to bring the whole world back to Himself.

The New Testament tells how,
in the first century AD, Jesus Christ died on the cross,
explaining how it was “for the ransom of many”
and “to bring you to God.”

Common terms used in the Bible 英中
See Is the Bible reliable?         See Is God Unjust?      See Does God Exist?
Survey the Bible in 26 sessions  This is for teaching classes, and includes links to videos.

Links to resources

Watch “The Bible Project:”  youtube videos of each book

iBible. Link to Chapter 1, Creation, in animated video. Includes links to other chapters.

Holy week in cartoon format 

To see a MOVIE of the life of Jesus, go to; then click on “watch the Jesus film.” On the screen that then appears, you will be able to change to another language by pressing on one of languages listed farther down on the page.  The Jesus Film has been seen by over 6 billion people in over 229 countries.

Watch episodes of The Chosen, hour-long dramas from the life of Jesus.

To get a Bible: online Bibles are at,, and  You can download a Bible to your mobile device from youversion. You can get a printed Bible quickly online, and at bookstores and thrift stores.

You can start to read the Bible on your own using this Guide to Reading the Book of Mark.

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