Christian Life Break-throughs

How to deal with bad habits in your life, using anger as an example. (The approach shown here can also be applied to other bad habits)

  1. Ask yourself what your Motive is to beak the bad habit.  (that is, what is your reason for wanting to overcome your weak spot.)
    a) Your motive should NOT be to obtain a relationship with God, because you already have that “by faith.”
    b) your motive should NOT be to get God to like you again, because He already likes you.
    c) but rather, because of an urge to live for God.
  2. See if you can understand how your bad habit shows your weak-point.
    Using anger as an example – there are many reasons for anger. Some are OK.
    a) quick-passing (if you get over it, you have already solved the problem)
    b) against injustice (we should be angry at injustice — Jesus was)
    c) at ourselves (this is the self-image problem (solved by seeing that God loves you as you are)
    d) continuing bitterness. This is definitely against God’s will and should be dealt with.
  3. Bible input – base your break-through on God’s Word.
    Using anger as an example: here’s where the Bible forbids bitterness:
    a) Colossians 3:13.  Bitterness disobeys God’s command to ______
    b) James 1:19-20.  Bitterness destroys God’s ________.
    c) Hebrews 12:15.  Anger destroys the _________.
  4. Understand the Source of your bitterness – why is it your weak spot?.
    a) Did your opponent ruin your self-esteem — so you feel its OK to be bitter?
    b) Did your opponent ruin your plans so you feel its OK to be bitter?

    5.  Understand connection to faith – how does your weak spot show a lack of faith in some area.
    Example: continuing bitterness.
    a) Hurt self-esteem? Maybe you don’t believe God has given you value.
    b) Wrecked your plans? Maybe you don’t believe God guides your path.

  5. Repent and submit.
    a) repent means “change of mind”
    b) submit means dependence.  James 4:6-10.
    Tell God you are sorry for not having the faith to believe that your self-worth comes from Him, and that your time is under His control. Tell God you are sorry that these faith-problems caused you to be hateful toward your opponent. Ask God to forgive you. Ask God to change you.
  6. To avoid being angry again, find Bible promises that fill in your weak-spots.
    Examples: a) self-esteem.  1 John 3:1.  God has made us his ________
    b) broken plans.  Ephesians 2:8-10.  Our “interruptions” might be God’s _________.
    Say these verses to yourself when someone triggers your anger-weakness.

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