Key Topics

Key Bible Topics

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Relationships as central in the Bible
Covenant as the Bible’s relationship word
God as Great and Near at the same time, and why it’s practical
God as Complex, as “three-in-one,” and what it means for us.
God’s Names shows God’s actions

Bible Book-cases  (how Bible books are organized) 
Anointing explains the word Messiah
Birth of Jesus shows how God fulfilled prophecies
Description of Jesus His names show His functions
Prophecies of the cross show Jesus as the promised savior
Power of the cross shows what Jesus did while on the cross
Benefits of the cross shows the results in our lives
Christ is Risen and how that affects life today
Mission of Jesus and how we know what was going on
Gospel Message as the Power of God
Law and Gospel The Good News is not conditional
Explaining Faith using everyday examples
The value of Baptism for daily life
Meeting Objections to the Salvation Message


Breakthroughs How to overcome unwanted habits
Purpose in life — the underlying possibility in every situation

Guidance for those times when the Bible does not specify
Walking in Newness of Life.
Lordship How it makes a difference in concrete decisions
Ethics Underlying principles for our treatment of others
Communion How it strengthens faith
Church  as family
Union with Christ shows your identity and purpose
The Ideal of Marriage reflects Jesus and the Father
User-Ready Discussion Sheets
Suggestions for
 nurturing your own faith
God’s Word in Daily Life, and links to more topics.
Responsibility to community


SKITS AND IDEAS for youth and family, camping and hiking