Point 1: Love
Point 2: Sin        
Point 3: Substitution   
Point 4: Belief               
Point 5: Growth

….1) Areas of Growth
….2) Growth in Bible Study
….3) Growth in Prayer

Ways to Share the Gospel

Complete Gospel Presentations
First Method—Five Word Method
Second Method—Wordless Book
Third Method—Gospel Octopus
Fourth Method—The Sweep of the Divine Plan
Fifth Method—Romans Method, Part 1    Part 2

Short Gospel Presentations
First Method—God Loves You
Second Method—One Bible Verse Method
Third Method—Our God is Compassionate

Lifestyle Gospel Presentations
First Method—Daily Life Conversation with Second Method—Mealtime Prayers

Third Method—Children’s Witness with Fourth Method—Special Occasion Witnessing

Visitation Guidelines
Using Visual Aids in Witnessing

Final Review of the Whole Module with Answers

Appendix (materials to print — Chinese captions)

Teacher Guide 

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