Practical Evangelism   实用布道学
。。Teacher Guide   老师指南

。。 Table of Contents    目录

Teacher’s Preface to the Module      老师引言

Lesson 1.  Introduction to the Module   教材介绍和布道原则
。。。with Witnessing Guidelines

Five Basic Gospel Points    五个基础福音点

Lesson 2.  Point # 1—Love    第一点:爱

Lesson 3.  Point # 2—Sin    第二点:罪

Lesson 4   Point # 3—Substitution    第三点:代替

Lesson 5.  Point # 4—Belief/Baptism    第4点:信/受洗

Lesson 6.  Point # 5—Growth, Part 1, Areas of Growth  第5.1点:成长

Lesson 7.  Point # 5—Growth, Part 2, Bible Study Methods  第5.2: 读经方法

Lesson 8.  Point # 5—Growth, Part 3, Prayer    第5.3: 祷告

Five Complete Gospel Presentations    详细布道法

Lesson 9.  First Method—Five Word Method    五词布道法

Lesson 10. Second Method—Wordless Book    无字书

Lesson 11. Third Method—Gospel Octopus    福音八爪鱼

Lesson 12. Fourth Method—The Sweep of the Divine Plan    上帝美好的计划

Lesson 13. Fifth Method—Romans Method, Part 1   罗马书传福音的方法-1

Lesson 14. Fifth Method—Romans Method, Part 2    罗马书传福音的方法-2

Short Gospel Presentations    简短布道法

Lesson 15.  First Method—God Loves You    上帝爱你

Lesson 16. Second Method—One Bible Verse Method    用一节经文传福音的方法

Lesson 17. Third Method—Our God is Compassionate    上帝怜悯我们

Lifestyle Gospel Presentations   生活方式的布道法

Lesson 18. First Method—Daily Life Conversation    日常对话与谢饭祷文
Second Method—Mealtime Prayers

Lesson 19. Third Method—Children’s Witness    向儿童传福音与在特别的日子上传福音
…with Fourth Method—Special Occasion Witnessing

Lesson 20. Visitation Guidelines    探访指引与使用视觉教材传福音
…..with Using Visual Aids in Witnessing

Lesson 21.  Final Review  最后复习

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