Lesson 5. Daily Life Style of a Christian


Following Jesus can help keep us from falling into problems like:

Guilt       loneliness harmful habits
  anxiety   lack of purpose following false ideas

    Read 2Peter 1:3.

1.What is the source of everything we need to live the Christian life? (1)______

2.Read verse 4. What has God given us to help us? (2)_______________________

3.We have joy when we realize that the Christian life means depending, moment by moment, on the (2)__________ of God.

  1. A PRACTICAL PROMISE FOR EVERY DAY. Read 1 Corinthians 10:13.
  2. What kind of problem is mentioned here? (3)______________________________
  3. How might Satan tempt someone to give up? (4)____________________________
  4. How might Satan tempt someone to disobey God? (5)________________________
  5. What does God promise in this verse? (6)__________________________________

  • DAILY CUSTOMS OF A CHRISTIAN. Since you have new life,the Holy Spirit will give your new life enough power to live in these ways:

1.Read James 4:7. When we are tempted, what should we do to Satan? (7)____________

God promises that if we resist Satan, Satan will (8)_________________.

By doing this, we won’t have a life full of (write one of the words from the list at the top of the page) (9)______________.

2.Read 1 John 2:1-2 and 1:8-9. How does a Christian handle the feelings of regret that come after doing something wrong? (10)_______________. God promises that He will (11)____________________________.  By doing this, we won’t be burdened by (12)_________.

  1. Read 1 John 1:7. We don’t need to fight temptation alone. Not only is God with us, we also have (12a)__________________. By sharing our burdens with others, we won’t fall into (13)____________________
  2. Read John 8:31-32. What has God given us so we can understand the Christian life? (14)_________ God promises that those who know His Word will know the (15)________________. By reading God’s Word, we can avoid being tricked into (16)_________________

5.Read Philippians 4:6-7. What can a Christian do when worried? (17) _______

What does God promise for our heart? (18)____________ By doing this, we won’t fall into (19)__________________

6.Read Colossians 4:3-4. Every day we look for opportunities to do what? (20)______________We pray for God to open a (21)______________. As we make helping others know Christ the highest priority of our life, we will never feel that (22)______________________.

  1. SUMMARY. God’s commands about daily living all come with promises. We receive these promises because we are connected to Jesus by faith. Following these commands and receiving these promises helps us to escape from the problems listed at the beginning of the lesson.

ANSWERS:  (1) His divine power     (2) promises     (3) temptation     (4) problem too hard for you     (5) attracted by a sin     (6) God will give you a way out, and so you will be able to endure.   (7) resist     (8) flee     (9) harmful habits     (10) confess sins     (11) forgive sins     (12) guilt     (12a) one another     (13) loneliness     (14) God’s Word     (15) Truth     (16) following false ideas     (17) pray     (18) peace     (19) anxiety     (20) speak about christ     (21) door     (22) lack of purpose

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