Equip Rules

EQUIP      A scripture card game by Sue Found

Pick out a number of Bible verses that you want to become more familiar with. There should be at least four verses per player. There is no limit to the number of players or the number of verses that can be used, though the game works well with four people playing together.

Make two sets of cards, one set with the Bible verse and its reference on each card, and the other set with only the references, printed in large letters.  See sample set of cards ready to print on card stock, with some boank cards.

How to Play

Deal out all of the reference cards. Each player will put his cards face up in front of him so that every player can see them.

Put the Bible verse cards in a pile in the center. The youngest player begins by picking the top verse card and reading the verse only (not the reference) three times.

If a player thinks he has the reference that matches the verse, he should call out the reference. If it is the correct reference, that player will put the verse card on top of the reference and have one pair to his credit. But if the reference is incorrect the reader will take the reference from the one who called it out, and put it face up with his other references. If the verse is read three times and no one guesses the correct reference the reader reveals the reference and takes it from the player who has failed to call it out, making a pair for himself. In some cases the matching reference will be in front of the reader. The reader will still read the verse three times because someone may guess the wrong reference and he would then be able to add that card to his own reference cards.

The person at the left of the first reader will read the next verse.

Before the reader takes the last card in the verse pile, everyone looks at the reference. If any player (first chance goes to the player to the left of the reader) can quote the verse from memory, he can claim the pair. If no player can quote the verse, a player who can accurately share with the others what the verse is about can take the pair. If no player can do either, the reader picks up the verse card, reads it, and takes the pair himself.

The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner of the game. But each person who plays has benefited by becoming more familiar with God’s Word.

(When playing regularly as a family, each week one or two verses can be added. The players could even select verses they think the others might not know as a challenge to them.)

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The Scripture inspiration for this game is in 2 Timothy 3:14-17:

Continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of… The sacred writings which are able to give you wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable: for teaching for reproof for correction for training in righteousness.  so that the man of God may be completely mature, EQUIPPED for every good work.

EQUIP was created by Sue Found around 1980 for our own children.

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