Sue Found

Sue was raised in Wisconsin, where she attended a Lutheran grade School. She became a dental hygienist by attending the University of Minnesota, and continued working as a hygienist after marrying Jim Found, until the time when their children were born. They have two daughters and nine grandchildren.

While the children were in grade school, Sue created a Scripture Card Game to help them internalize the promises of God. Jim and Sue have been attending small home Bible studies since 1971.

During the time that Jim was a Director of Christian Education (1980-1986), Sue wrote numerous materials for youth meetings and retreats, including Bible games and skits. While they were serving on Taiwan (1986-1997), Sue wrote skits for school assemblies and study guides on Christian Life concepts.

Jim and Sue are now retired, living in Colorado. They enjoy daily walks and a weekly hike into the mountains. They go together to make presentations about Taiwan and workshops about sharing faith.

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