Thank you to David C for sending in these corrections to Basic Greek in 30 minutes a day.

2.      Page 102 reads “God gives us good things”  it should be “good words”.

3.      Page 110 exercise 10 last word is “apostolo” on page 316 the answer should be “apostle” not “apostles”

4.      Page 259 principle part 4 incorrectly has an (=) instead of a (+).  It should read                                    reduplication+aug. + stem + k + ending

5.      Page 249 a better translation of perfect indicative should be “I have thrown”

6.      Page 125 a misspelling the word (halfway down-Example…  )  is “ergon” not “egron”

7.      Page 131 bottom of the page “a new temple would be a “neos” temple not a “naon” temple

8.      Page 136 the chart for the form of the word “to be” 2nd person singular is never “eis” but only “ei”.

9.      Page 246 there is no form of perfect imperative or present subjunctive

10.  Page 182 1 Cor 1:1-2 en xristo not xristou

11.  Page 183 Eph 1:1 are faithful en xristo not xristou

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