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All Booths for Good News Fair

1. DAVID AND GOLIATH               (Go to drawings of 1, 2 and 3)

Description: An  eight foot giant painted on da large piece of foam core, and a large wooden sling shot that shoots a  nerfball which will knock down  the giant. Prize is a small vinyl bag with a stone with  the words TRUST  IN GOD printed on   it.
Script: The giant who wanted to fight God’s people depended on his strength, his armor, and his sword, but David had only a sling and a stone. He depended on God to protect him and help him fight the giant. God is more powerful than any giant problem that can come into your life. With God’s strength you can make it through any problem.PRIZE  This bag and stone remind us to trust in God as David did.

Description: Sheep are hidden behind three of eight doors that are painted to represent places that sheep can be lost. Prize is a picture of Jesus holding a lamb. It  is glued to a  stained block of wood.

Script: People who don’t know Jesus are like lost sheep.  Jesus is like a shepherd who looks for the lost sheep so Hecan take care of them and keep them safe from danger.  Jesus is your shepherd when you trust in Him.  He will take care of you.  PRIZE. This picture reminds you that you are like a sheep and Jesus is your shepherd.


Description: Boat frame with two seats, fishing poles with magnet-hooks, Fischer~Price men with bottle cap hats that themagnets will stick to. Prize is a wire fish on a cord.
Script: Jesus told His followers to be fishers of men, to go out and bring men to Him just as they once had gone out to bringfish into their, nets.  We are His followers today.  He wants us to go out and tell others about Him too, so that they can followHim and be saved.  We can be fishers of men too. PRIZE. This little fish will remind you that Jesus told us to be fishers of men.

4. FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT TREE    (Go to drawings of 4 and 5)
Description: Small tree with plastic or balloon fruit with the Galatians 5 fruit of the Spirit written on it and a fruit picker (along stick with a hook on the end.) The Prize is a magnet made from a frozen juice can lid with a drawing of a bunch of grapes, withthe fruit of the Spirit written on each grape.
Script: When a fruit tree has good soil, water and sunlight it will produce good fruit.  Your life is like a tree.  WhenJesus is controlling your life the good fruit will be: love instead of hate – joy instead of sadness – peace instead of worry- kindness instead of meanness. PRIZE  This magnet will remind you of the good things that Jesus will produce in yourlife when He is in control.

Description: Large wooden ark with three ramps for pairs of wooden animals of varied sizes.    See how many animals you canget into the ark before the flood (taped thunder storm).    Prize is a bracelet made of cord with rainbow colored beads in it.
Script: A long time ago God told Noah that He was. going to destroy the wicked earth with a flood.  He told Noah to build abig boat for himself, his family and two of each animal.  Noah showed that he trusted God by doing what God told Himto do.  It rained for 40 days and only those on the boat were saved.  Noah trusted God.  God will save us too as we trust Him.After the flood was over God put a rainbow in the sky. PRIZE  This rainbow bracelet will remind you of the story of Noah andhow God saved him.

6. SOWER AND THE SOILS         (Go to Drawings of 6, 7, and 9)
Description: Floor shuffle board is painted to represent the different kinds of soils. Push the seed into the good soil. Prize is a”seed packet” made up of colored cards printed with the concepts and Bible references from each booth.
Script: Hearing words about Jesus today at the Good News Fair or at Sunday School is like having the Seed of God’s Wordplanted in our lives.  We want our lives to be like good soil where the Seed of God’s Word can grow, helping us to growcloser to Jesus and become more like Him. PRIZE. This little package of cards will help you remember everything you learned today from God’s Word at the Good News Fair. Booth check list    Cards


Description: Knock down the caterpillar with a bean bag and a butterfly will swing up.     Prize is a small paper clip with contactpaper wings and the words NEW LIFE IN CHRIST.
Script: The old caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly.  When Jesus is in our life He changes us from the kind ofperson who doesn’t care about God into the kind of person who loves God and loves other people. PRIZE  This butterflywill remind you of the new life you have i n    J e s us.


8. JESUS IS THE BRIDGE.       (Go to Drawings of 8 and 10)
Description: Large cross made of nine wooden blocks that fit together like a puzzle Prize is a wire cross on a cord.

Script: We are sinners (that means we do wrong things). Our sins hae caused a separation between us and God. We need a way to get close to God. Jesus is the Way. He did on the cross for us, to take the punishment we deserved for our sins. So he is like a bridge between us and god. PRIZE. This cross reminds you that Jesus death on the cross is our bridge to God.


Description: Velcro dart board painted with cross and grape vines at which a branch dart is  thrown. Prize is a small vine plantpotted in a cup with the words JESUS IS THE VINE  –   I  AM THE BRANCH.
Script: Jesus is like a vine, and we are like branches. If we are connected to Jesus by trusting in Him, we can grow and produce fruit. That means we can have love, joy, and peace that only Jesus can give and also be able to bring other people to know Jesus too. But if we are not connected to Jesus we will be useless, like this branch (example of dried up branch compared to living branch). PRIZE. This little vine will remind you that Jesus is like a vine and you are like a branch, trusting in Him. We will give you the vine as you leave today.


Description: Toss a ring around pegs labeled with the Ephesians 6 armor. When you ring a peg,   that piece of armor is placed on alarge figure of a Roman soldier. Prize is a word game using  the Ephesians 6 passage.
Script: God wants us to be strong enough to fight off the devil’s temptation and follow Jesus, so He gives us what we need to do this.  The Bible compares what He gives us to the armor on a soldier. PRIZE  This word puzzle tells you what God says about your   armor.

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