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Schedule for Late 2019:

Nov 8, Friday
Nov 16, Saturday
Nov 22, Friday
Nov 30. Saturday
Dec 6, Friday
(Dec 14 Sat. is Christmas caroling at nursing homes)
Dec 21 Saturday
Dec 27 Friday
Jan 4 Saturday

Always call ahead so we know to wait for you.

Highlights from past hikes:

Dream Lake, Oct 10, 2008

Developing Understandings:

Car Pooling. 9/14/08. We rely on car pooling so that each car will have someone with a Golden Ager or an annual pass.
Passengers. 10/25/08. For trips into the Park, passengers are welcome to offer the driver $3 to help with gas. Shorter trips can be less. The drivers present on that day retain the right to not accept the offer, and provide the trip for free.
Scheduling. 10/25/08. All are welcome to schedule a hike on any day; they may send the info to Jim who will add it to website.
Personal info. 10/25/08. Jim will not put your last name or phone number on this website. Current church directories are available as you enter the hallway that has the church mailboxes.
Hikers. (11/4/08) You are welcome to invite anyone, but we want to make sure we serve the members of Immanuel.
Destinations. (11/9/08). The decision where to go will be made by the first people who call about the hike for that day. The goal is to meet the personal preferences of those who plan to hike on that particular day.


Ouzel_L 003

Deer Mountain top, Oct 25, 2008


Sign-up sheet was set out for the first time in on 9/14/08.  Since then:

Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Chasm Lake 9/18/08
Ouzel Lake 10/3/08.
Deer Mountain 10/10/08
 Gem Lake 10/17/08, 5/24/16
Emerald Lake 10/25/08
Cub Lake 10/30/08, 10/17/09, 5/22/10
Chasm Falls
Lumpy Ridge
MacGregor Falls 4/3/09, 8/6/09
Bridal Veil Falls 4/11/09
Boulder Brook 6/27/09
Mills Lake 7/3/09
Loch Vail 7/3/09
Lawn Lake 7/22/09
Mill Creek Basin 5/11/09
Bear to Hollowell Park via Bierstadt 7/24/09, 8/22/09
Twin Sisters 7/31/09
Sundance Mountain 7/24/10

 Hikes in Indian Peaks area:
 Lake Isabelle 9/26/08.

Loveland Area
Fossil Creek Reservoir
11/4/08, 5/11/09, 1/16/10.
High Plains Trail 5/8/10
Devils Backbone 11/7/08, 1/24/09, 10/9/09.
Coyote Ridge 2/28/09, 9/24/09, 4/17/10
Bobcat Ridge 11/13/08, 11/14/09
Pine Wood Reservoir 5/12/09

Bear Lake to Nymph Lake. 1/30/094 people.
Peaceful Valley 2/14/09
Mills Lake 2/20/09
Sprague Lake, 2/21/09, 1/23/10.


Between Loveland and Estes Park:
Mount Crozier 5/25/09
Homestead Meadows 4/8/10Fort Collins Area:
Horsetooth Mountain Open Space 5/20/09
Below Horsetooth dam 12/2/08
Red Mountain Open Space 5/14/10Lyons Area:
Lion’s Gulch, Homestead Meadows 5/16/09
Hermit Park
, 1/16/09Boulder Area:
Anne U White Trail 5/23/09

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