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Mark 6

Read 1 and 2. Jesus’ hometown is Nazareth. The people who had known Him while he was a small child did not think Jesus was great.  They thought Jesus was the same as they were, so Jesus had no right to say that He knew more than they did.

Read 3. Jesus had four younger brothers, and also some younger sisters. The first brother, named James, is the one who later became the leader of the Christians in Jerusalem, and he is the one who wrote the Bible book named James. Another brother wrote the book called Jude. But the brother called Simon is not the same person as Simon Peter.

Read 4. If you are a famous person, probably people from your hometown will look at you like an ordinary person.

Read 5 and 6. The people in Jesus’ hometown did not believe that Jesus could do miracles, so Jesus did not do miracles for them. This verse tells us that faith is very important.

Read 7 to 9. The disciples did not prepare for their travels by bringing extra clothing. Jesus wanted them to live “by faith” — that is, to trust that God woiuld give them what they need.

Read 10. Jesus told the disciples to stay in only one hoiuse. What? The bible does not tell us. It could be so that the people in that town would not compete to see who could treat the disciples the best.

Read 11. Sodom and Gomorrah were very wicked cities, located on the shore of the Dead Sea. God punished those cities by destroying them (as recorded in Genesis 19:24.). Jesus says that the people in those cities will be punished again when God judges everyone on the last day of the world. Of course, their punishment will be very harsh. But Jesus says that the punishment for the pople who do not listen to His messengers will be even more harsh. That is because these people had an opportunity to be saved, but deliberately did not accept the message.

Read 12 to 14. King Herod had killed John the Baptism (the details are given below, in verses 16 to 29). But Herod felt guilty, and was afraid that God would punish him. He was afraid that God would show that Herod was wrong by letting John the Baptism come to life.

Read 15. Elijah was a prophet who lived about 850 BC. (His work is recorded in 1 Kings 17 to 21) The Bible said that a great prophet would come just before the Messiah comes. This prophet would be very great, just like Elijah (The Bible makes this prediction in Malachi 4:5). This prophecy came true. In Mattherw 17: 10 to 13, Jesus explained that John the Baptism was the prophet was was great like Elijah. If this prophet already had come, then Jesus must be the true Messiah.

Read 16 to 21. John the Baptist had some disciples. They are the ones who buried his body.

Read 30 to 34. “Sheep without a shepherd” means that they had no leader, so they did not know what was right and what was wrong.

Read Jesus created more bread and more fish. This proves that Jesus is God, because only God can create something from nothing.

Read 45. The link below takes you to a map showing Bethsaida.

Read 46 to 48. The time was between 3 AM and 6 AM.

Read 49 to 52. When Jesus got into the boat, the wind became calm. This also proved that Jesus is God, because onjly God can control nature. But the disciples did not understand the point.

Read 53. The link below takes you to a map showing Gennasaret.

Read 54 to 56.  Just like the woman who was bleeding, many people were healed when they touched Jesus’ clothing. It was not because His clothing had power. It was because the people had faith in Jesus.

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