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MARK. Mark lived during the same time as Jesus, during the first century, about 2000 years ago. After Jesus rose from the dead and returned to heaven, Mark  wrote down the story of the life of Jesus. That book is called the Gospel of Mark.

GOSPEL. The word “gospel” means “good news”. Because the message about Jesus coming to earth in order to save people is “good news”, therefore Mark called his book a “gospel”. The Gospel of Mark is found in the second section of the Bible, called the “New Testament”. (The “Old Testament” section of the Bible tells the history of the Jewish people before the time of Jesus.) In the New Testament, there are four books called “gospels”. Each gospel is written by a different author, and each tells us different details about the life of Jesus. The Gospel of Mark is the shortest and simplest.

How to use these materials: You will first read a section from the Bible, and then read a short explanation of the words and concepts. (The sentences that are in parentheses are optional and can be read if time permits).

If you do not have a print Bible handy, you can use an online Bible, such as the ones  at or you can download a Bible app, such as the free app provided by, which has Bibles in many different languages.

To begin, find the gospel of Mark in your Bible, read the first sentence, which is chapter one verse one, and then click on chapter One, below.

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Chapter Three

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