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Living Successfully as a Single Person

Being single, you get out in the culture more, and get to know the language faster (JF).It is often times easier to raise support for a single person, rather than for a whole family (H). Being single helped Ms. G to learn the Chinese language much better. Being single brought loneliness to her, but she said that this loneliness turned into a blessing that strengthened her relationship with God. -Being single allowed her the opportunity to eat-out more, try different foods, and in-turn, better know the local culture(Interview with G). DBThoughts From KB video: Have a personal health plan figured out and learn about medicines and diseases. Maintain spiritual discipline in prayer and in the word to God. Keep a journal. Write letters — the letters you receive back will be huge support to you and your ministry.

Single vs. Married: Single missionaries have an advantage in being able to assimilate into the language and culture faster. Married missionaries have the opportunity to model a Christian marriage.

Romance on the Field . Quote from Stepping Out, page 127 (chapter called Suddenly Significant Others by Terry Bulicek and Linda Olson,): “You’re the loser in terms of the personal growth you might have experienced during your short term.”

Why most mission agencies discourage dating relationships during a summer of yearlong venture:
Romance ruins team life- the relationship is exclusive.
A romantic relationship diverts you from the work
You are the loser in terms of personal growth you might have experienced
Special relationships often wreck the witness of the entire mission to the community

Guidelines to keep in mind:
Avoid exclusive relationships
Know the cultural rules in male/female relationships
Seek a leader’s counsel immediately if something develops
Resolve to wait until you have fulfilled your commitment overseas to pursue the relationship at home

– Stepping Out, pg. 127-128:  In some other cultures, when two people move away from group dating and start to be seen together exclusively, they are viewed as already engaged in the eyes of the culture. This is important to take into consideration when entering relationships with people overseas, nationals or not.

Thoughts from Mission Work in Today’s World, pg. 170-171
Single Missionaries are A Good Bargain. Single missionaries, both male and female, deserve our appreciation, our admiration and our encouragement.
Single life on the mission field is not easy. It is lonely without the joys and fulfillment of a family.

additional thoughts:
Single missionaries are mobile.
They can serve in remote areas where families could not be brought.
Moving from one place to another is less complicated.
Financially, single missionaries are a bargain for the church. There are a staggering costs for large missionary families
Often, there is more dedication in single missionaries: Less family responsibilities, interruptions and emergencies

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