lesson 4 — e


Add to your dictionary: Starting with the first Chinese word on this page, turn to page “H” of your English/Chinese set, and write “hungry — e, lesson 4.” Then turn to page “E” of your Chinese/English set, and write “e — hungry, lesson 4.” Add the rest of the vocabulary words given on this page.

Combinations, like “he cha” and “hen hao” are not meant to be written in your dictionary, but rather please begin a separate sheet of paper for these, and title it “combinations.”

Each day before you continue with these lessons, read aloud all the entries you have made up to that point, while covering up the meanings on the right side of the pages.

Best wishes!

—– copy and ask a Chinese peerson to read. Listen for the “e” sound

Please read this for me, OK?   请帮我读,好吗?  請幫我`讀,好嗎?

Simplified characters 简体字 Traditional char  繁體字 Pinyin spelling English meaning
开灯 開燈 Kai deng Turn on light
关灯 關燈 Guan deng Turn off light
请开门 請開門 Qing kai men Please open door
请关门 請關門 Qing guan men Please close door
喝茶 喝茶 He cha Drink tea
要喝茶 要喝茶 Yao he cha. Want to drink tea
要喝茶吗? 要喝茶嗎? Yao he cha ma? Want to drink tea?
白色茶杯 白色茶杯 Bai se Cha bei White colored Tea cup


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