lesson 9 — the four tones


For your dictionary. From the page above, add the word ni (you) various meanings of the word ma, writing it separately for each tone.

Adding tones to your dictionary.
The following words in your dictionary are in first tone, so please draw a horizontal line above each of them, both in the Chinese part and in the English part: chi, deng en, gen, and he.

The following are in second tone, so please draw a rising accent mark above each of them: cha, and fan qie (tomato).

The following are in third tone, so draw a v-shaped mark above each: hen and hao.

The following are in fourth tone, so draw a downward-sloping accent mark above each: cai, e, fan (rice), mian. For mian bao (bread), the bao is first tone. For xie xie (thank you), the first xie is fourth tone, and the second xie is spoken lightly, so put a dot over it (this dot designates a “neutral tone,” and will be practiced further on the next page).

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