Prayer activity

Directions for “Prayertime” sheet

The student will look up the reference and find a word in the verse that starts with the large letter, and write that word in the blank.

Click here to get the sheet.

The answers I intended are:  P=praise, Hebrews 13:15. R=repent, Mark 6:12. A=According to His Will, 1 John 5:14. Y=yield (entrust yorself), 1 Peter 4:19.  E=expect (meaning believe, have faith), Matthew 21:22. R=reconcile, Matthew 5:24. T=Thanks, Philippians 4:6.  I=In Jesus’ name, John 14:14. M=motive, James 4:3. E=Endure (don’t give up) Luke 18:1.

Note that the A and the I are phrases with more than one word, and that for three of the letters these words are needed:
Yield = offer yourselves
Expect = believe
Endure = don’t give up  

We have also done this using walllpaper samplers to make a booklet. In all cases, the teacher can tell more about each concept after the teaching aid is completed.

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