Purpose in Life

Ephesians 1:11‑12 describes a believer’s purpose as “to be to the praise of God’s glory.”
(That is, 
not merely to “do”  things, but to “be,” that is, to exist, for God’s glory.

But what is “praise”? The difference between thanks and praise is:
Thank means “thank you”; praise means “You are so wonderful” or “That person is so ….  ”
Praising means to tell someone’s qualities, whether to the person or to others.

And what is “glory”? “Glory” is God showing His presence in a way that our senses can take in.   The Bible says “no one can see God and live,” so God devises ways to let his presence be known without killing us.  For example: wind is invisible, but the wind vane reveals about it.  In the Bible, the shining seen by the shepherds at Christmas and the smoke that filled the temple when Solomon dedicated it are called “the glory of God.”

In the same way, God is invisible, but God made creation to reveal things about Himself:
Psalm 19:1. This verse shows that the universe has the same function as the Ephesians verse said about us.  But human kind is able to reveal more about God than stars or flowers because God made humans in his image. They can show forth God’s love, compassion, creativity.  We were created to do this, and in this way to reveal God.  this is a high purpose.

BUT human beings have refused to do it.  Romans 3:23 says we fall short of God’s glory

ONLY Jesus has fulfilled the purpose for which man was created.
Luke   3:21‑2   “with whom I am well pleased”
John    8:29       “I always do what pleases Him”
John    1:18       “the son has made Him known”
John    17:4       “1 glorified you … I accomplished the task”

Where does that leave us?  Jesus died for us, to forgive our rebellion against God.  But beyond that:

Jesus lives in us, and is restoring us to our original purpose: to show forth God’s nature.
Jesus impels us to love, have compassion.  These verses tell how God uses us:
Matt 5:16 Let your light shine.
Eph. 2:10 Created for good works.
John 15:5 Can do nothing without him
1 Peter 2:9  That we may declare the praises …

My life has purpose as Jesus brings about God’s will through me.  Passages with the words “so that” show how Jesus death on the cross provides a purpose for daily life.   Go to “so that” passages.

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