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Christian Life Table Discussions.

Overcoming Anger

Select Leader who will decide when to move to next section: the person whose place of birth is the farthest from Loveland.

Introductions, and how did you get along with your brothers and sisters (if you were the only child, with your neighborhood children).

Personalize. Read all the following questions and then people can talk about any of them. Are there various kinds of anger: Are some kinds sinful, and other kinds not sinful? What types of things do you wish would not make you angry? What do the things that make you angry show you about yourself?

God’s Word.

VerseHaving this kind of angerShows my weakness in this area
1 Cor 13:4-5  
Rom 15:1-3  
Rom 14:10-13  

Summary. Based on these verses, I think God’s will for me is … (This may be different for each person)

Insight. What is there about me that keeps me from doing this? (This will provide insight into your sin nature, including deliberate sin or area of weakness.)

Christ. How He is the answer to the particular areas surfaced above. (This will include forgiveness for the past, and living in you to change you for next time)

Future. Promises to rely on next time the problem comes up.

                  Romans 12:19, Matthew 5:9

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