Union with Christ

Union with Christ as a source of your identity and purpose

Many places in the Bible teach that we have a share in what Jesus is and does. This truth makes it possible for us to fulfill the types of things that give our life meaning and give us a sense of value.

For example, Ephesians says that Jesus is far above all authorities and powers, which here refers to evil powers. Ephesians then adds that we are with him in this position. Since that is true, we also are above those powers that may want to control us or wish us harm. Because we are united with Jesus, we are safe.

All believers are automatically in union with Christ. This union with Christ is assured to us in our baptism.

Christ shares what he is with us, but in ways that are appropriate to us as mortal humans. For example, Christ is a sacrifice for sin, but since his sacrifice was sufficient for all time, the kind of sacrifice we are is a living sacrifice, that is, those who devote themselves to God and to

Some very compelling results of union with Christ are those that have Old Testament sources. Many things that were physical objects in the Old Testament were applied in spiritual ways in the New Testament to give insights into Jesus, and many of these aspects of Christ are also said to be shared with us. Here are a few examples:

A temple is a place where God lives. God promised to live in the Old Testament temple.
Jesus called himself a temple. All the fullness of God dwells in Jesus.
We are also called temples. This is because we are united with Christ.
Therefore we need not fear that God is far away from us.
Therefore we are assured that God, alive in us, can enable us to love and serve others.

A priest in the Old Testament represented the people to God by sacrificing and praying for them.
Jesus is called the High Priest. He sacrificed to God for the people, and he continuously intercedes for them.
The New Testament calls all believers “priests.” It is possible to say this because we are united to Christ.
Because we are priests, we therefore are qualified to intercede for others.
Because we are priests, we as living sacrifices use our lives to help others.


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