What Next


What Next?

1.Personalize it.
Color an empire the same color as its band on the timeline, then use the same color on the master timeline (nest page). Also, decorate the cover.

2,  Make your own Index.
Write the names of all the countries mentioned in A-B-C order, using the year to tell you how to find it. You can also make an index for the people that are mentioned.

3.  Add info.
You can write names of other important people on the back side of each page. You can also put pictures and postage stamps on the page.

4. Follow a country.
Take out all the pages that show what happened to a certain country, and compare maps to see how different empires have controlled the same country over time.

5. Use the master timeline. Select any year, lay a ruler between the upper and lower century-marks for that year, and discover which empires were around at that time.

6. Guessing. Take pages out, then see if you can put them in the right order without looking at the year.

7. Add more sheets. After you are familiar with the front of the book, add one page at a time from the back of the book. At the very back are blank pages for you to add other enpires.


To the teacher:
You may decide which pages to use. You may write different text and paste it over the existing text.
Clean pages can be printed from www.foundbytes.com (click on Learn History).

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