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Directions for Who Said It game                      created by Sue Found

BASIC GAME. Any number of people can play. The first player draws a card and reads the verse, then reads the three choices that are in bold print. The person at his left gets first chance to answer. (the word in capital letters is the correct answer). If wrong, then next person gets a chance to answer. The person who answers correctly gets the card. The player at the left of the reader becomes the next reader. When all cards have been used, the person with the most cards is the winner.

Example: I know that my Redeemer lives.
a) Thomas.    b) Mary Magdalene.   c) JOB (19:25)

Ideas for other cards:
John 3:30 (John the Baptist)
Genesis 50:20. (Old Testament Joseph)
1 Samuel 17:45. (David)
Acts 7:59 (Stephen)

ADVANCED GAME. Give everyone ten chips. The reader says the verse, and asks whether the person on the left wants to hear the three choices or not. If the person does not want to hear the choices, and is able to answer correctly, the person receives three chips. If the person answers incorrectly, the person loses one chip. If the person asks to hear the choices, and answers correctly, the person receives two chips; if wrong, gives up one chip. If the person has answered incorrectly, play goes to the next person, who also may choose to answer without hearing the choices. A correct answer receives 3 chips, and a wrong answer loses a chip. If the three choices have already been read, then the most that the second person can gain by answering correctly is one chip. The person loses a chip for a wrong answer.



1. Genesis 4:6-7 (Cain)

2. 1 Samuel 16:7 (Samuel)

3. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (Solomon)     <

4. Joshua 1:8-9 (Joshua)

5. Jeremiah 9:23-24 (Israel)

6. Ezekiel 33:7-9 (Ezekiel)

7. Genesis 12:2 (Abraham)

8. Exodus 3:14-15 (Moses)

9. Isaiah 45:21 …there is no other God… -24 (Cyrus)

10. Zachariah 4:6 (Zerubbabel)

11. Ezekiel 18:30-32 (Israel)


1. John 5:39-42 (the Jews)

2. Revelation 3:15-17,19 (the church at Laodicea)

3. Matthew 16:21-23 (Peter)

4. John 18:37b (Pilate)

5. Matthew 4:4 (the devil)

6. John 4:24 (the woman at the well)

7. John 3:18-21 (Nicodemus)

8. John 11:25-26 (Martha)

9. John 20:29 (Thomas)

10. luke 19:9-10 (Zaccheus)

11. John 8:31-32 (Jewish believers)

12. John 14;6 (Thomas)


(correct answers are in italics)

1. There was a storm on a lake. Jesus told the wind to stop, and the wind stopped. Where did it happen?   a. Sea of Galilee   b. Dead Sea   c. Red Sea

2. God told Abraham to leave his home country to go to another place. Abraham’s home country was:    a. Israel   b. Greece   c. Chaldea (Genesis 11:31)

3. God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses in what place:   a. Sinai  (Exodus 19:2, 20:1-3)   b. Canaan   c. Egypt

4. Where did Jesus go because of our sins?   a. hell   b. Sinai     c. Golgotha (Mark 15:22)

5. Where did Daniel spend the night after he refused to worship the King?   a. temple   b. den  (Daniel 6:16)    c. prison

6. Where did the Wise Men ask about the new King?   a. Bethlehem   b. Egypt     c. Jerusalem (Matthew 2:1-2)

 7. Where did the first people that God created live?   a. garden (Genesis 2:15)    b. cave   c. trees

8. After Joseph’s brothers sold him to be a slave, where did they see him next?    a. Palestine   b. Sinai   c. Egypt  (Genesis 42:1-7)

9. John the Baptist baptized Jesus at what place:   a. Jordan    iver (Matthew 3:13)   b. Sea of Galilee   c. Dead Sea

10. What animals did David kill before he killed the giant?    a. lion and bear (1 Samuel 17:34)      b. dragon and snake   c. wolf and leopard

11. What animal was used as by early Christian to secretly introduce themselves to other Christians?   a. eagle   b. fish    c. butterfly

12. When Peter heard this animal for the third time, he remembered that Jesus had told him something.   a. rooster (Matthew 26:34)   b. dog   c. cow

13. When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit appeared as this animal.   a. dove (Matthew 3:16)   b. eagle   c. sheep

14. What animal swallowed a man?   a. lion   b. fish (Mathew 13:40)    c. snake

15. What animal did Jesus ride on when he came into Jerusalem one week before he died?   a. horse   b. camel   c. donkey (Matthew 21:7)

16. What animal did Satan speak through?   a. goal   b. lion   c. snake (Genesis 3:1)

17. What did God protect Daniel from?   a. dogs   b. snakes   c. lions (Daniel 6:16)

18. Where did Mary and Joseph find their twelve year old son?   a. temple (Luke 2:46)   b. carpenter shop   c. garden of Gethsemane

19. Where were Paul, and Silas taken to when they refused to stop talking about Jesus?   a. prison (Acts 16:22-23)   b. a fiery furnace   c. a deep pit

20. People worshipped Paul in what place:   a. Palestine   b. Turkey (Acts 14:11)   c. Greece

21. What did God say we are like, when we lose our way?   a. dog     b. sheep  (Isaiah 53:6)   c. butterfly

22. Where was Jonah supposed to go?   a. Bethlehem   b. Jordan River   c. Nineveh ( Jonah 1:2)

FAMOUS  BIBLE  CHAPTERS          Multiple choice – the *  is the correct answer.

1. The Psalm that describes Christ’s suffering on the cross. (*22, 51, 103)

2. The account of Pentecost. (Matt. 28, Acts 1, *Acts 2)

3. Warning against occult practices. (*Duet. 18, Jer. 18, Rev. 18)

4. Each verse has a reference to God”s word in it. (Ps. 11, Ps. 19, *Ps. 119)

5. The Great Commission. (*Matt. 28, Acts 1, Luke 24)

6. Describes heaven. 2 Chron. 21, *Rev. 21, Third John)

7. Describes what happens to people who reject God. (Col. 1, Eph. 1, *Rom. 1)

8. Faith defined and exemplified. (Matt. 11, *Heb. 11, Gen. 11)

9. Jesus farewell – priestly prayer. (Mark 17, Luke 17, *John 17)

10. Fruit of the Spirit, fruit of the flesh. (Gen. 2, Rev. 4, *Gal.5)

11. Jesus compares himself to the good shepherd. (*John 10, John 20, John 30)

12. The first account of the ten commandments. (Gen. 20, *Ex. 20, Lev. 20)

13. The vine and the branches. (Mark 15, Luke 15, *John 15)

14. The word “love” is repeated 25 times. (John 3, 1 Cor. 13, *1 John 4)

15. The most familliar account of Jesus birth. (Matt. 1, Mark 2, *Luke 2)

16. Paul’s account of Christ’s resurrection, and ours. (*1 Cor. 15, Heb. 15, Rev. 15)

17. The Sermon on the Mount (*Matt. 5-7, Mark. 5-7, John 5-7)

18. Spiritual warefare, believers armor. ( Gal. 6, *Eph. 6, Phil. 6)

19. Victory in Christ. (*Rom. 8, 1 Tim. 8, 1 Pet. 8)

20. Spiritual gifts. (Prov. 12 *1 Cor.12, 2 Cor. 12)

21. Sower and soil parable. (Matt. 8, Mark 8, *Luke 8)

22. Husband/wife relationship. (Col. 5, *Eph. 5, Titus 5)

23. Lost and found. (Matt. 15, Mark 15, *Luke 15)

24. Faith and works. (2 Tim. 2, *James 2, 2 Peter 2)

25. Love defined. (*1 Cor. 13, 2 Cor 13, Phil. 13)

26. Freedom. (Exodus 5, *Gal. 5, Heb. 5)

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