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Mark 5

Read verse 1. They went to the east side of the Sea of Galilee.

Read 2 to 4. The evil spirits made the man strong.

Read 5. The evil spirits made the man hurt himself.

Read 6 and 7. The evil spirits knew who Jesus was. The evil spirits used the man’s mouth to talk to Jesus.

Read 8 and 9.  Many evil spirits were inside this man.

Read 10. Jesus had enough power to make the evil spirits leave that country.

Read 11 to 13. When the pigs jumped into the water, then everyone knew that the evil spirits really had left the man.

Read 14 to 17.  The people wanted Jesus to leave. Why? Maybe because they were afraid Jesus would find more evil spirits among them, and they didn’t want anyone to know. Maybe because they knew Jesus had a lot of power, and they weren’t sure He would use His power in a way that would be convenient for them.

Read 18 to 20. Jesus did not let the man go with Him. What not? Jesus wants us to know that we can serve him right where we are.

Read 21 and 22. The man who came to see Jesus was the leader of a Jewish church.

Read 23 and 24. The man hoped that Jesus would hurry to help his daughter before his daughter died. He believed Jesus could heal her. He probably thought that if she died, it would be too late.

Read 25 to 28. The woman had very much faith in Jesus. She didn’t want to bother Him by talking to Him, but she believed that she could get power from Him, so she touched Him. The point is not that Jesus’ clothing has power. Jesus’ clothing does not have any power. The point is that she trusted in Jesus.

Read 29 to 31. Of course, Jesus already knew who had touched Him. But he wanted to give the woman a chance to tell what she had done, so that everyone would know that she had faith in Jesus..

Read 32 to 34. Jesus wanted everyone to know that the woman was healed because she had faith in Jesus.

Read 35 and 36. The leader probably felt that Jesus was too late. Jesus again said that it was important to have faith.

Read 37. Jesus often took only these three disciples with Him when he did something very important. Probably the room was small, so he could not invite all of the disciples to come in.  Also, if there were too many people, this would bother the family.

Read 38 and 39. The girl was really dead. But Jesus said she was asleep, because Jesus knew that he could wake her up from death, just like we can wake up from sleep.

Read 40. The people laughed at Jesus when Jesus said, “She is only sleeping.” Everyone knew that she was really dead.

Read 41. The language that Jesus spoke here is called Aramaic. It is in the same language family as Hebrew. It was one of the four languages spoken in the Middle East at that time. You can compare the languages like this:
Aramaic was the language for family and business, like Taiwanese.
Greek was the international language, like English.
Latin was the government language, like Mandarin.
Hebrew was used in religion, like literary Taiwanese.

Read 42. Because Jesus made the girl come back from death, so Jesus proved that He is the Messiah. See Isaiah 26:19. This verse tells us that people will rise from the dead at the time when the Messiah comes.

Read 43. Jesus said that the people should not tell others about this miracle. Why? Jesus knew that others would not understand the true meaning. They will think that Jesus is someone who can do tricks, but they will not think that Jesus is the Messiah.

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