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Six Themes for a Witness Workshop

Helping people to witness as a way of life

These themes can be used for 6 Bible Classes or a 6-hour workshop. Each theme leads to an “aha” moment that lifts burdens. Here are the links to the six themes (these themes can also be viewed as videos):

1.Surfacing Blockades
This opening session is meant to get people talking.
Aha: I do not need to play God’s role. See video.

2. Stages of Life
Everyone we meet is at one of three stages.
Aha: God can use me no matter what stage someone is in.  See video.

3. Salvation Message
Peter and Paul always shared 4 concepts with nonbelievers, but were able to share them in different words each time.
Aha: I can have guidance without being mechanical.  See video.

4. Organizing my Thoughts.
Aha:The parts of the gospel message clear the way for fruitful conversation. See video. 

5. Transitions in Conversation
Natural ways to move from secular to spiritual talk.
Aha: I can share my faith in ways that are relevant to the other person.  See video.

6. Meeting Objections
The objector is not an opponent but a conversation partner.
Aha: My response will differ according to “when” the objection arises.  See video.

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