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Life and Work on the Mission Field
    Practical help for serving overseas
Assembled by Jim Found

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There are 16 topics under LIFE and 28 topics under WORK. Each topic contains interviews with missionaries and highlights from books.  

The Life and Work links began as a project of Jim’s class “Life and Work on the Mission Field,”  Each topic includes insights discovered by students through books and interviews with missionaries.  Initials are used to protect privacy, Additional submissions are welcome — specify whether you want to be identified by your name or your initials. Send to Jim’s email.

Additional Topics:  Presentations
   Archive of topics presented by Jim at past Mission Orientations

Five minute blogs about mission life from KFUO radio

Other Links on Outreach:

Sharing with those of Specific World Religions

Cross-cultural Outreach
Helps you make sense of the immense amount of input you are flooded with

Books on mission      Web-links
   Books and websites worth checking out

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