Nurture and Follow up — Scope and suggestions

After a person has made a Confession of Faith:
Contact your pastor to arrange for baptism
Offer to meet with the person for support and to help him or her to grow in faith. 

When meeting one-on-one, take plenty of time to listen to the person’s needs. Share Bible verses appropriate to the person’s situation. Let the person talk through and apply thoughts from other input such as sermons. Pray together. When there is time, share the Bible truths provided as the First Steps in Growth.

You yourself in your daily actions are a major influence on the person’s nurture. The person will see your reactions to difficulties, your priorities in using your time and resources, your turning to God for forgiveness and help.

Later, arrange for his Ongoing Nurture.  You can contribute to the person’s continuing nurture in such ways as:One-on-one: meetings, phone calls, email, instant messaging,;

do Basic Bible Studies together, and take the person to Group Bible studies. See suggestions

Take advantage of the resources of others, such as the Sunday sermons, Christian radio, Christian music, Christian books, websites.


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