Five Areas

Ongoing Nurture Chart

You can use the following chart to arrange well-balanced ongoing nurture for those believers who have completed the first steps of nurture. You can alternate choosing topics from the five areas explained below so that the person will over time have deeper and deeper knowledge in each area. Here is the chart:

.             2
.             ¦
3 – – – – 5 – – – -4
.             ¦
.             1

The vertical axis is the relationship between us and God,  and the horizontal is the resulting relationships between us and people.

The “1” at the bottom represents what we receive from God, such as “promises” and the “2” is what we do in response to God such as “praise and trust.”

The “3” is our relationship with other christians, including “mutual upbuilding”  and the “4” with society, including “service” and “witness.”
The “5” in the middle represents our inner life, the results of a life of trust. That would include learning about “peace” and “contentment.”

Here are some sample study topics for each area:
1 – Bible, doctrine, nature of God, salvation
2 – repentance and faith, praise, prayer
3 – understanding church, pastor, using our gifts
4 – caring, service, witness, answering objections
5 – inner peace, self-control, hope, maturing in Christ

In addition, when studying a topic in one area, you can attempt to relate it to some of the other areas. For example, if studying the book of Hebrews (area 1), you can connect to fellowship (area 3) and maturity (area 5).

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