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Missions Today – from a missionary’s perspective
Jim and Sue share about their experiences on Taiwan, and what they learned about missions in the world today. They bring along picture books and artifacts.

Stories Behind the Well-Known Christmas Songs
The program length can be easily adapted to your time available, because you can select a greater or lesser number of songs. These are interesting stories about the writers of the words and the composers of the music, leaving us in awe at their dedication and inspiration.

Major characters of the Reformation
30 key people are introduced, with a thumbnail sketch of each one. With pictures. The script has additional characters for further breadth.

God’s Care Seen in the Wonders of Grass
God uses grass to show his glory, and also to give us lessons for life. With pictures.

Denominations – where did they all come from?
Why the major groups split from one another, and why they continue to do so. A summary is found at

World religions – their hopes and how they achieve them.
An overview of the major groups, with emphasis on their expectation of salvation and what they trust in to reach it. How to explain Christ to people of the various religions. A summary is found at

Witnessing – Sharing Your Faith Naturally in Conversation
How to overcome the blockades that come up when a door opens to talk about faith in Christ. How to start conversations based on your friend’s needs. How to answer common objections. The main concepts are shown at  You can also see the main points on youtube:

Sunday Morning Worship – Why do we do it this way?
The original intent of the various parts of the service, and implications for worship planning that carries out this original intent. A description is found at

Christian Music – from ancient hymns to today’s praise songs.
The story of the church told through its hymns. Appreciating the hymnal for providing songs from many different denominations. Anthems and their uses. Art music in Christ’s service: oratorios and cantatas.


How Rocks come from Atoms
Each student puts Magnets together that represent Silicon, Oxygen, and other elements, and then the minerals that result from that combination are passed around.

Reading Chinese in English Letters
Students in groups of 4 read the inter-active activities to one another and soon can read the names found in the newspapers and in their geography books. Try it at

World History on One Page
The students create a time-line with various-shaped rectangles showing how empires appeared and replaced other empires. Great for the end of a unit on world history. See it on youtube at

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