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This page is about expressing the message of salvation in ways those of various religions can understand. Here is a summary of beliefs of the World Religions, and an essay about religious types and inter-relationships .


See the book Sharing God’s Word with a Muslim, by Bassam M. Madany.

Also see A Short Summary of Chinese Thought

Below, various world religions are listed under each of the 4 major concepts of the salvation message,
Problem    Answer    Faith    Benefits        (more on these 4)
Simply click on one of the religions listed to find suggestions for sharing that concept.

The initials on the linked pages designate insights of this web author’s former students in the course “The Christian Response to the Religions of the World,” taught from 1997 to 2006.

Problem: separation from God due to sin.

Hinduism     Buddhism    Sikhism    Judaism

Answer: Jesus died to bring us back to God
Hinduism     Buddhism     Islam     Judaism
Qigong      Wicca    

Faith:  not by deserving or earning

Benefits: Forgiveness, eternal life and other gifts of Christ through faith.
Buddhism    Qigong    Sikh     

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